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  1. ... the only setting that is different would be the hidden parent
  2. thanks LostKobrakai, so having 9 different templates with 9 different PageTable fields wouldn't be something too weird, then ...just checking in to find the right approach Repeaters aren't ideal in this case, because the pages will have quite a few data entries
  3. Hi there, I got a section on a site (9 pages) which uses a PageTable field to enter a datagrid for each page. my first approach was to create a template with a specific PageTable field for each of the 9 pages, so that I can select a hidden Parent page ...this worked, but got kinda messy. Now I reverted back to only one template, one PageTable field and the children listed below each item. Looking at it now I think it will totally confuse the editor, since every other child page to edit for him is a "real" page, ...so I'm trying to find a way to hide these children or create them in a hidden folder, but render them according to the corresponding page where it was created from does anyone know how to tackle this or has an alternative way to do it? (it's a multi language site, so I can't use the table field) thanks a lot, cheers, j
  4. ... oi changed access for the template containing the PageTable pages to "guest (everyone) -> view pages"
  5. Hi there, I got multiple PageTable fields with their parent containers placed within the "admin" area of the site tree. As I found out just now, I'm only able to see the output on the frontend when I'm logged in. any ideas how I can fix this? thanks a lot, cheers, j
  6. Isn't that the same with the PageTable Field? I mean, entries are saved as subpages
  7. thanks, LostKobrakai! ...it worked any ideas about the unpublished state when publishing?
  8. Hi there, like the title says: my PageTable Field entries stay unpublished until I manually untick the "unpublished" checkox. Clicking on Publish won't do it. does anyone experience the same or does anyone know how to solve it? (btw. the Child Pages are in a folder within the Admin area of the site) .... another question: is there a way to hide the Title Field? The Title is generated automatically, so it might be confusing for the editor thanks a lot, cheers, j
  9. okay, for the Submit Button I was able to translate the string on line 148 with: $submit->value = __("Senden"); http://processwire.com/api/multi-language-support/code-i18n/
  10. Hi tpr, thanks that's what I was assuming, but at the moment I have no idea how to alter the generated form markup more important actually for me atm is how to make the send button multi lang as I see it, the Submit button is added here (FormTemplateProcessor.module): // the inputfields don't already have a submit button, so we'll add one. $submit = $this->modules->get("InputfieldSubmit"); // set a random name to the submit button so that this form doesn't process // any submissions without first receiving a rendered form. This isn't // necessary, but it may help to reduce automated spam to the form. $submit->name = "submit"; $submit->value = 'Submit'; // add the submit button the the form $form->add($submit);
  11. ... me again using Adrian's Module now https://processwire.com/talk/topic/59-module-want-form-builder/page-5#entry41431 and it works great just wondering how the Form Markup is generated? I assume that's an internal PW Function right, since it's based on jQuery UI & uses FontAwesome any ideas how to make the Send Button text or Tooltip notification translateable for a multi language page set-up? ...or how to alter the generated Markup, so that it's not a Tooltip but displayed like an error message like for an empty field instead? thanks a lot, cheers, j btw. where's the JS Tooltip coming from anyways? haven't included jQuery UI in the frontend
  12. Hi LostKobrakai, thanks a lot sorry, I know ...this "Profield: Table thread" got hijacked a few pages back in my case, I can't use the "Profield: Table" option, because it doesn't have multi language support. will see if changing the parent will be sufficient for my setup for now. cheers, j
  13. okay, found a solution for this, just assigned __("Your Name") to a variable like $name = __("Your Name") and placed the variable in the form markup ... now trying to find a solution for the Umlaut problem
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