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  1. ... the only setting that is different would be the hidden parent
  2. thanks LostKobrakai, so having 9 different templates with 9 different PageTable fields wouldn't be something too weird, then ...just checking in to find the right approach Repeaters aren't ideal in this case, because the pages will have quite a few data entries
  3. Hi there, I got a section on a site (9 pages) which uses a PageTable field to enter a datagrid for each page. my first approach was to create a template with a specific PageTable field for each of the 9 pages, so that I can select a hidden Parent page ...this worked, but got kinda messy. Now I reverted back to only one template, one PageTable field and the children listed below each item. Looking at it now I think it will totally confuse the editor, since every other child page to edit for him is a "real" page, ...so I'm trying to find a way to hide these children or create them in a hi
  4. ... oi changed access for the template containing the PageTable pages to "guest (everyone) -> view pages"
  5. Hi there, I got multiple PageTable fields with their parent containers placed within the "admin" area of the site tree. As I found out just now, I'm only able to see the output on the frontend when I'm logged in. any ideas how I can fix this? thanks a lot, cheers, j
  6. Isn't that the same with the PageTable Field? I mean, entries are saved as subpages
  7. thanks, LostKobrakai! ...it worked any ideas about the unpublished state when publishing?
  8. Hi there, like the title says: my PageTable Field entries stay unpublished until I manually untick the "unpublished" checkox. Clicking on Publish won't do it. does anyone experience the same or does anyone know how to solve it? (btw. the Child Pages are in a folder within the Admin area of the site) .... another question: is there a way to hide the Title Field? The Title is generated automatically, so it might be confusing for the editor thanks a lot, cheers, j
  9. okay, for the Submit Button I was able to translate the string on line 148 with: $submit->value = __("Senden"); http://processwire.com/api/multi-language-support/code-i18n/
  10. Hi tpr, thanks that's what I was assuming, but at the moment I have no idea how to alter the generated form markup more important actually for me atm is how to make the send button multi lang as I see it, the Submit button is added here (FormTemplateProcessor.module): // the inputfields don't already have a submit button, so we'll add one. $submit = $this->modules->get("InputfieldSubmit"); // set a random name to the submit button so that this form doesn't process // any submissions without first receiving a rendered form. This isn't //
  11. ... me again using Adrian's Module now https://processwire.com/talk/topic/59-module-want-form-builder/page-5#entry41431 and it works great just wondering how the Form Markup is generated? I assume that's an internal PW Function right, since it's based on jQuery UI & uses FontAwesome any ideas how to make the Send Button text or Tooltip notification translateable for a multi language page set-up? ...or how to alter the generated Markup, so that it's not a Tooltip but displayed like an error message like for an empty field instead? thanks a lot, cheers, j btw. where's the JS To
  12. Hi LostKobrakai, thanks a lot sorry, I know ...this "Profield: Table thread" got hijacked a few pages back in my case, I can't use the "Profield: Table" option, because it doesn't have multi language support. will see if changing the parent will be sufficient for my setup for now. cheers, j
  13. okay, found a solution for this, just assigned __("Your Name") to a variable like $name = __("Your Name") and placed the variable in the form markup ... now trying to find a solution for the Umlaut problem
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