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  1. Of course. For instance when I have a website for a company called "Hello Inc" and this company is located in three addresses I would create a Multiplier field for the textareas. This field is only used for outputting the three addresses on the contact page. This Street Address field would feel a bit too much for the editors to maintain. Also an error is quickly spotted since there are only three addresses. On the other hand I'm prototyping a database which may hold 1000's of companies. I would definitely use this field because I want it to be accessible and queryable. Therefore the data structure is more essential.
  2. ? Thanks! This is a difficult one. I've have created so many times different fields and used textareas. Each choice will bite you in the end. It really depends. When you have a several addresses for a company you want to output on a website I would not use this field. When you are building a directory/database of companies or other users I would definitely use this, because you want the data to be structured.
  3. Thanks! I have a rather long commute this evening, so if my phone carrier won't fail me, lot's of time to update and test it.
  4. Thanks, I wasn't looking at spelling per se, but more like the ones in your example. For instance the "eastVILLe street" example. I've looked (the LibAddressInput repo and Google) this morning, but can't seem to find where I can check this. Any clue?
  5. The lay-out works fine, but unfortunately no hints on the wrongly spelled address or postal codes. Is this supposed to work in Dutch? Also, when I type in a city and thereafter empty the field I am getting an js error:
  6. These hints are awesome. Really nice UX @netcarver!
  7. I've stumbled into this as well in the past. Most users I've shown the Actions don't really get the current concept. They either forget they are performing actions on all or they forget to filter at all. Ryan came up with some solutions. Personnaly I would like an gmail approach so make sure the user is as notified as possible of what is going to happen. The current UX doesn't really cut it. A modal could work too.
  8. We use Forecast for these kind of planning. You might get some inspiration from there. It could be possible with PW, but I wouldn't reinvent the wheel when there are other tools.
  9. And the legendary post of building custom admin pages by @bernhard
  10. You might want to checkout this awesome module called Duplicator. You can easily migrate complete installations from one host to another.
  11. You are in search for a Single Sign On (SSO) solution. You might want to check out this SAML SSO ProcessWire module. Or you might want to check out other PHP SSO of SAML solutions.
  12. Totally missed this one. And this one. Thanks for wrapping this up!
  13. Hi @desbest, you also might want to check out this 404 logger module by kixe.
  14. And does your connection come up when you use curl directly? Like: curl -H "Authorization: api_key=<insert api key here>" --data "title=Your%20Title&message=Your%20Message&icon=http://yourwebsite.com/icon.png&url=https://yourwebsite.com" https://api.pushalert.co/rest/v1/send
  15. To answer your first question: this seems possible. You can already set custom headers. See this part on the WireHTTP class or in API ref.
  16. This is really nice @tpr! I am currently reading up on these test suites like Codeception and Tester or plain testing like phpunit. This comes in very handy.
  17. No problem, thanks for responding. Super sweet. You've created something really powerful. Great feature! On a particular project we use ListerPro a lot, but working with lots of data (10k+ pages with 30 fields represented in columns) in ListerPro is becoming more and more tedious. Response times are sometimes slowing down. Especially since there are sometimes hundreds of concurrent users. I am thinking to use your DataTables and Rockfinder since it feels a lot snappier than ListerPro.
  18. Great work bernhard! I'm really interested in giving this a spin. Also the Enterprise features like pivots, filters, grouping are really great. Would it be possible to integrate these features by a third party without touching the module?
  19. You could use array_filter to create two arrays: one with and one without release dates. Sort the first one and append the second one.
  20. Good to hear you and your family are doing fine Ryan. As always nice solution for a problem which seems to resolved by fixed crops, but this is a way better UX for the content editors.
  21. What kind of cache are you talking about? Some released this module a while ago:
  22. That's a first What does the system looks like? If you could post some screenshots I'm sure we could help you out. But you should start with some basic stuff like bernhard already described in his tutorial.
  23. Hi @jmartsch, is this a public or private list?
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