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  1. Hi @valan, you need something like this? $selector1 = "template=basic-page"; $selector2 = "status=123"; $mergedSelectors = $this->wire(new Selectors($selector1)); $mergedSelectors->add($this->wire(new Selectors($selector2))); // Updated see comment valan // to output a PageArray echo $this->wire('pages')->find($mergedSelectors); // or to output the selector as string echo $mergedSelectors->__toString(); // See: /wire/core/Selectors.php
  2. What tool are you using?
  3. If you use Tracy you could also dump the object like: bd($page->party_type); It'll save you much time if you know what kind of data you are working on.
  4. What did you try on the if? It could be something like: <?php if (date('d-m-Y') == date('d-m-Y', $single->Start_date) : ?> <div class='Danes-text'>TODAY!</div> <?php endif; ?>
  5. First off I would suggest to call ProcessWire from one type of call. You use wire('fields') and $this->fieldgroups. I am not sure if $this will point to the module class or ProcessWire. You could check this out using a barDump in Tracy: bd($this); I would stick to $this->wire() so adding a new template: $this->wire(new Template); Or getting other stuff: $this->wire('fields'); $this->wire('templates'); $this->wire('etcetera'); As an alternative you could check out this example.
  6. Hi @Karl_T, There need to be made more changes since there I believe that are different arguments in the different hooks (see and see). It is unfortunately not as easy as changing hooks.
  7. Hi @Karl_T, the modules needs to be changed to execute on the savePageOrFieldReady hook. Unfortunately I'm not able to work on Reno's module. We went a different approach. See this topic:
  8. Could you post the code? Not sure where the id is coming from.
  9. $events = $pages->find('template=calendar-post, limit=8, Start_date>=today, sort=Start_date'); if (count($events)) { echo "There are events, yes!"; } else { echo "Out of luck"; } Small clue
  10. Thanks @benbyf for creating this. Exactly what I thought when I read it
  11. Check if you have installed the ProcessPageClone (/processwire/module/edit?name=ProcessPageClone) module. This installs a few permissions: You could check if these are stored on the role of your user. If you want to monitor changes by users on pages be sure to look at ProcessChangeLog or MarkupActivityLog.
  12. That's why I wanted to see the screenshot Thanks for posting back.
  13. Myself I am a big fan of Textile (coming from Textpattern years ago), but since Markdown has 'won' the battle I'm using this a lot too. Even some clients made the jump from WYSIWYG Good luck with your blog and looking forward to your tutorials.
  14. Hey @abdus, very nice and considerate of you to ask. This would be a great addition to the tutorials section. I think a blogpost have more styling options than a long forum post.
  15. Hi, Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear you are having troubles saving pages. Can you post a screenshot of the template configuration (Tab: Basics) of the page you are trying to save? Also which version of PW, PHP and MySQL are you using?
  16. arjen

    Server monitoring

    I guess it would be pretty easy to hook the PW logs and post them to another server (local or over the internet). So another thing on the to-do list
  17. Haven't seen those errors before. Did you check the content of the database itself? Like are the tables (i.e. "pages") really there? Also, you say you upgraded from 2.4 to 2.8 and then you exported the site profile? Why didn't you upgrade directly from 2.8 to 3.x replacing the /wire/, index.php and .htaccess? I've upgraded many sites, but haven't ever used the site profile export/import construction.
  18. arjen

    Server monitoring

    Hey @alan, Right now I'm looking into storing logs with a tool. Since we have multiple installations running around I was also wondering if you were going to log the ProcessWire logs as well with logstash? Or just the server logs? Would you be so kind to share your experiences? Thanks!
  19. @benbyf, I've seen these errors and most of the time these were due to missing tables or data in the database. Did you check the database itself?
  20. No problem @SamC. Instead of "today" you can also use strings like: "next monday" or "next year" or "+1 week 2 days 4 hours 2 seconds". See strtotime function.
  21. No issues here But since the amount of modules is (luckily) pretty small in ProcessWire I guess it would be wise to join forces instead of creating several modules with overlap. If 90% of the code is changed, I'm not really sure if a fork is appropriate, but it might be. I guess we have to wait until @netcarver joins the discussion.
  22. <?php foreach ( $pages->find('template=calendar-post, limit=8, Start_date>=today, sort=Start_date') as $single ) : ?> You can use Start_date>=today as a selector to only show items with a Start_date that is either today or in the future.
  23. Thanks for posting Karl. I think it would be best to fork the project and commit your changes. This way there will be only one Redis session handler database but with two developers. @netcarver is a really nice guy, so I think you guys can work this out
  24. Are you absolutely sure you are on the same domain after the redirect? I had some issues with redirect to subdomains.
  25. Hi @flydev, any news on the release? Thanks!
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