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  1. Got it. Thanks - this community thus far has been quite pleasant and welcoming. Cheers
  2. Well that's tidier - thanks. What does the - flag before the field name do?
  3. Excellent info - thanks for that.
  4. Hi folks. Newbie here - on PW for a couple of weeks now (I've been a Drupal developer for over 10 years). I've created a template for a Meeting and Event item, which has a title, description and date (a Unix timestamp, called "meeting_event_date"). I also have two templates for displaying lists of these things, one more or less full page and the other as a small block with reduced content to be placed on other pages. So far so good - I can get all the Events pages using $meeting_events = $pages->find("template=meetingevent"); Then I use a foreach to walk $meeting_events and pull out the date, title and description of each event, wrapping them in my markup as I go. The trouble is they're coming in in date-created order (based on the metadata of the Events pages, I guess) whereas I'd prefer to be able to sort them by the actual Event date (which is a field on the Event). I could of course pull the Events from $meetings-events apart and push the individual events into an intermediary array, sort that by the timestamp value, and then walk it to pull out the data into my markup, but I can't help feeling there's a better way. Is there a way to sort the $meetings_events array before running the foreach? I've tried $meeting_events->sort("meeting_event_date"); but that's having no effect. UPDATE - just needed to wait for the template to re-compile. Apparently that's not instantaneous...? I still need to understand caching in this environment. The sort() method above worked. Leaving this here in case it helps someone else.
  5. Thanks guys, I guess for now I'll just add an "Images" field to the template and have that be the container for inserted images. I'll admit I'm finding this a bit convoluted but we'll make it work for our users. @BitPoet - I'll check out your Media library module in addition.
  6. Newbie here - first week on PW. Perhaps I've missed a setting - entirely possible - but I can't figure out how to insert an image into the CKEditor if it's not already attached to a page. i'd really like to allow my users to upload an image while they're composing content in the WYSIWYG editor. Is this possible?
  7. Yep, that was it - thanks.
  8. Hi - newbie question here. I have a field called footer_center_section, whch is a text area. it's set to use CKEditor as input. When I'm outputting this field, I'm seeing the markup as well as the content, rather than just the content. In my template I've got <?php echo $footer_center_section;?> Output is shown in the attached screen shot. Is there some property of a text area field that I should be using, rather than the object itself? Any guidance appreciated.