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Module: AIOM+ (All In One Minify) for CSS, LESS, JS and HTML

David Karich

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I think it's safe but check on dev installation first. I'm still using the old version on my few websites, with just a few fixes (although not sure which ones) - don't fix if ain't broken mantra :-). A colleague is running the new version, but he isn't using minimizing js/css functions; he uses just caching operations, no problems in last 2 months. But he just informed me that when he access the module settings in admin, it takes a long time to see the settings - I never had any problems, will report back if he finds what could be the problem.

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On 9/26/2020 at 3:15 PM, Sevarf2 said:

Hello, I'm having a strange issue, the module works fine in production mode, but when I enable the $config->debug = true; the module cannot compile my files and output this error


<b>Warning</b>:  A non-numeric value encountered in <b>/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module</b> on line <b>713</b><br />/site/assets/aiom/css_b636f2192ceb48c592835de3c2d9c3b9_dev.css?no-cache=1601104220">

Any idea how to solve this? Thanks

This error also happens with PHP 8.

Modify line 707

$_timestamp = '';


$_timestamp = null;

Solve the error.


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