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  1. @adrian now I replaced InputfieldAssistedURL.js and it seem to work…
  2. If I'm opening the Module Update Page (/processwire/module/?reset=2) there ist nothing to update: On the module page, if I hit "Look for an update" the backend outputs: "That module is not currently tracked by the modules directory":
  3. I installed what you posted: https://github.com/adrianbj/processwire-fieldtype-assisted-url The pw backend says it's the version 2.0.0
  4. As Kholja mentioned: it works only if there is a Texarea Field that uses CKEditor. And ideed, it works… but this dependency is strange… but not technically
  5. …in theory yes, but it does not behave like shown here: Meaning: the chain-button does not open the modal box. I am wondering why istn't this included in processwire as a default "URL" field? Thanks, anyway.
  6. I am using ProFields but none of them opens an "Insert Link" modal box… I can remember I saw a module that does exactly that (url for internal or external pages, page select, target) but I can't find it anymore...
  7. I had this moster on my search result page: $selector = "template=produkt, check2|check_temp=1, (title|text|text_editor_minimal|text_editor|text_editor2|text_editor3|search_index~=$q), (produkt_hersteller.title%=$q), (produkt_bereiche.title%=$q), (produkt_anwendungen.title%=$q), (produkt_verwendungen.title%=$q), (produkt_geratetypen.title%=$q), (produkt_gruppen.title%=$q), (produkt_verdichter.title%=$q), (produkt_kaltemittel.title%=$q), (produkt_gwp.title%=$q)"; It worked so far. After I updated PW to 3.0.165 I got an Internal Server error. So far so good. I updated SearchEngine too. No change. I removed piece by piece parts of the selector. Finally I realised that the subfield selectors (like produkt_hersteller.title) caused the error. Now I ended with this selector: $selector = "template=produkt, check2|check_temp=1, (title|text|text_editor_minimal|text_editor|text_editor2|text_editor3|search_index%=$q)"; Has anybody an idea why subfield selectors don't work anymore?
  8. Yes, that would be the solution. Maybe IMagick is better but in this case I have to use GD…
  9. @horst PHP: 7.3.21 GD: bundled (2.1.0 compatible) 'quality' => 85, 'sharpening' => 'none', "forceEngine" => "ImageSizerEngineGD" Changing the gamma does not affect the result… but I can see that it happens only if the image is scaling UP (and it is a GIF). If it scales down the white color does not change.
  10. Resizing a gif with GD library, turns the wite background of the image into a very light gray rgb(252, 254, 252). I fixed that by replacing the gif with a png but that does not fix the problem. …and yes, I have to use GD and no ImageMagick…
  11. Just in case somebody needs to get the override label in the current language… I did… // Get label in current language echo $templates->get('template_name')->fieldgroup->getField('my_field_mame', true)->getLabel(); // OR directly from the page (no matter how the templates name is): echo $page->template->fieldgroup->getField('my_field_mame', true)->getLabel(); This is a way faster than using translate stings in the template: __("I'm an in english headline, translate me!")
  12. #1 "Full" result How can I get this "full" result? The "standard" rendering outputs just the title and the URL. #2 Languages I assume that it needs "manual" rendering to output a language specific output … instead of english ("Search results", "x results for:", and so on) … #3 Select (product) field Taking consideration of #1 and #2 … I have a repeater matrix in the basic-page(es). I use manual indexing in the SearchEngine Module. RepeaterMatrix > Text fields are working well with this setup. I set the "search_index" field to "visible in editor" and this is what it stores (for example in french): Vente au détail Solutions pour votre application de vente au détail Si vous êtes propriétaire d'un appartement, responsable d'un datacentre ou directeur d'hôtel, nous avons des exemples et des solutions pour chaque besoin d'application. Array Exemples & Solutions : Array Array Array Array {} (…there's a lot of "Array" here… hmm…) One of the repeater matrix items is just an option field (to select a product category [green products, yellow products, brown products…]). This is just an information what to render in frontend, but the product texts are stored in different pages. So there is no text/product-infos to store in the "search_index" field. How can I manage to insert the selected products into the "search_index" field? My first thought was to add a new field to the template… let's call it "search_dump". On every "page save" I populate this text area according to the RepeaterMatrix -> product_selection field (I guess this can be done by a hook). Then I have to recreate the search index manually in the backend GIU or by API: $modules->get('SearchEngine')->indexPage($page);
  13. @HerTha Thanks … indeed. I did not notice that… Now I have to sum this up (for idiots like me): To redirect from index.php with an id attribute: /index.php?id=123 -> /impressum/ /index.php?id=agb -> /agb/ Put this in your PW root .htaccess, before #14 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^\/index\.php [NC] # use this if you have digits and/or strings RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^id=(.+) [NC] # use this i you have only digits [0-9] # RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^id=(\d+) [NC] RewriteRule ^ /index_php/%1? [R,L] As @Mike Rockett pointed out, the jumplink has to be: source:index_php/{all} destination:{all|mymap} // or if you have only digits: source:index_php/{id} destination:{id|mymap} … and the mapping with the name "mymap": 123=impressum agb=agb Thats all.
  14. @horst Thank to Corona there are smart people who have time to answer to my stupid questions! ?
  15. In most cases when I clone an item (no matter if it's a repeater or a repeater matrix) i'd like to have the "copy" just below the "original" instead at the bottom of the repeater(matrix) field… Especially when there are many items, I have to drag around the cloned item to put it in the right place. I guess there should be just one checkbox in the specific repeater(matrix) field like: "Put cloned items just after the original item instead at the bottom." This way everyone could set up the field as he likes. This would expand ProcessWires flexibility. A different approach could be having 2 cloning icons at every item: one for "clone below", and one for "clone at bottom". This would be even more versatile.
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