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4 minutes ago, bernhard said:

~488 websites listed here using ProCache: https://nerdydata.com/search?query=%2Fsite%2Fassets%2Fpwpc%2Fpwpc

I think you need quotes to get accurate results. How about this one:


Although I don't think the total count is relevant, but definitely show some sites I haven't seen, especially of interest is: https://www.payrexx.com/

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This one seems to be a rather big PW site: https://www.surveysampling.com/

And then another gov site: http://catawbacountync.gov/

https://www.niagarafallstourism.com/ seems also nice

http://www.livius.org/ The Livius.org website offers information on ancient history. Now there are 3883 pages. You will also find more than 9,100 original illustrations.

https://albertina.at/ stunning museum site

https://www.centarzdravlja.hr/ a Croatian health/lifestyle portal

https://www.stromvergleich.de/ compare electricity prices across Germany

https://www.iphm.co.uk/join-iphm/therapists/iphm-therapist-online-application/ big signup form built with FormBuilder :)

https://www.valkevents.com/ Dutch event company

http://www.cuafc.org/ Cambridge University Association Football Club

http://fashion.si/ Slovenian fashion mag

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I found very recently that one of the web hosting providers I use displays a web application list - when logged into the account - where ProcessWire can be found via the search bar or at the 13th page among other CMSs.

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11 minutes ago, wbmnfktr said:

Can't remember that site (spiria.com) itself but the content and result is some kind of familiar to me.
Maybe seen this before somewhere in the showcase. Nonetheless an interesting detailed read.

yeah, the site is in the showcase section: https://processwire.com/about/sites/list/zone-de-ski-de-lestrie/

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Is it me or does the site and those screenshots look a little off?

Besides that the article is really nice for a post on a hosting company blog. Quite in-depth with some really nice examples and things readers might be interested in.

One thing caught my attention:



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Interesting to see this:


A german file name. ? And it's not the only file with a hint of german.

Here we go...

https://hosting.1und1.de/digitalguide/hosting/cms/processwire/ (same as above but in german)

https://hosting.1und1.de/cloud-app-center/process-wire-download#apps (some other news)


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