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...I would have thought that a "national" PW user group (should it ever get established) might seek to secure and use domains like processwire.de/.es etc.

I already secured .co.uk so we're set :)

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However, for *local* user-groups locality obviously becomes an issue and is, perhaps, better solved by such groups as they organize themselves anyway. In such cases, I would have thought that a "national" PW user group (should it ever get established) might seek to secure and use domains like processwire.de/.es etc.

Perhaps we could do something similar to Textpattern's forum? They have an International section with subforums for each language. The vast majority of discussion is in the English forums but having the language specific forums there does allow for conversations in other languages when needed.

I think you're right here. Organising local groups, independent of language-specific PW subdomains, on a per country basis seems the way to go. The Textpattern forum example is very relevant and worth considering. It could serve as a source of inspiration for our case.

We could indeed put puppies on it. I think it should also run on Wordpress too :ph34r:
How about Mambo?

They still have people on their forums telling people they should still use it!

Nah, sorry guys, but my vote has to go for Joomla! :biggrin:

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strip the words.

as my marketing teacher said, keep it simple and strong. 

Means: as little words possible to tell your story.

Try to write about 3 sentences with about 3-5 words maximum in the head. 

But so far you get a +1 from my part ;)

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Well I'm not a fan of the current texts to but I just tried to translate the original text as good as possible. Because at 4 a.m. I'm not the greatest writer ;)

But I'm open for better ideas. If it's ready I will create a account for you if you want :)

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but who wants to read a wall of text visiting the page the first time? (in the first 500pixels)

Well that's what processwire.com is for. :) de.processwire.com is for those that want to read about ProcessWire in German. I'm guessing people would still find out about PW from processwire.com first, and go to de.processwire.com to read about it in German. So it probably does make sense for the DE site to at least be a little more copy oriented than the main site, simply because that's the underlying purpose (native language). But my comment was really more just humor, brevity is an asset regardless of language.

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I suppose Pete, myself and the other Britons should start working on the British version of the site.

It will be particularly genteel. be full of really obscure references to concepts like "colour" and "through" and take tea breaks between pages...

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    • By pideluxe
      From the recent discussion about the roadmap & wishlist for 2021 and some other posts by @ryan, it comes to my mind that developing and coordinating the whole project for one person is becoming harder and harder and leads nearly to the reverse of expanding the ProcessWire ecoysystem. This is not against Ryan, i think everyone here knows how engaged he is about ProcessWire, but he has only 24/7 (sometimes i think he's got far more than that...). 
      We as the community could support the project (financially) to relieve Ryan and could take over some tasks from him. This could be, but is not limited, to:
      Building a Foundation/Association/Company to ensure the persistence of the project and to fund the work put in ProcessWire of Ryan (and others). Nearly every other CMSs i checked has something like this (Drupal Association, Typo3 Association, Joomla Foundation, Wordpress Foundation, Contao Association, ...). This also puts more trust in the project, if someone new will check on his engagement in ProcessWire. Assigning persons/teams to work on things: Extending the core (when necessary) Developing and maintaining major modules (e.g. page builder, admin themes, internationalization, marketing, ecommerce system, ...) Testing and inspection of modules developed by others Making translations of modules (translation of the core is mostly covered, i think) Working on PRs & issues submitted on github Working on the homepage Coordinating the community efforts I know, some resorts are already covered by others (e.g. @Pete for the forum, @horst for images, ... ), but there are many other areas where this ist not the case. By joined efforts by the ProcessWire community this hopefully will also attract new developers to the system and by a growing number of users this assists in the things above in a circular process. What do you think? 
    • By anttila
      Hi all.
      First of all, I want to thank you all who blessed us with this great CMS. I have done 20+ sites with this and I'm very happy. I love the API.
      In case anyone is interested in using Discord to chat and talk about ProcessWire, I made server for us. Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming, but it's very good for our kind of communities too. Chatting is similar to IRC, voice is similar to TeamSpeak or Mumble, and there will be coming new features like video chatting. Also chance to use notifications when someone talking in a specific channel, but the server's default is only notified when mentioned.
      There can be multiple channels in one server; general, help, devtalk, security, specific languages. All can be public or accessed by only for a certain role.
      And if you're not there, let's say for five days, you can still search or read things what people have talked since you were there last time (if mod did not purge that channel). Windows and Mac clients are very good ones, but Linux is still in beta. And of course, there is webchat too.
      More information about Discord can be found here: https://discordapp.com/
      Of course, all the ProcessWire developers can get moderator access to the server. Forums are, of course, very good place to discuss things (and I have found many answers from here), but that is not real time and getting the answers you need can take a lot of time here. People want to get their answers faster, right now, so that’s why Discord can be a very good way to grow our community. Think about it.
      Invite link to server
    • By gebeer
      Hi there,
      I just saw totoff's new doctor's site and thought, I add my dentist site here: http://zahnarztpraxis-wunschik.de/
      Credits for design and concept go to http://www.gruenklee.de/grkl/
      They did a great job on the design and photography.
      This is my first PW project where I learned my ways around.
      It is running on v2.3. I used the default site and married it with H5BP and added a sass framework for the styling part that I used in good old Joomla days.
      From the PW side of things, this wasn't a great challenge thanks to this great forum. I was very happy about the Gmaps field. Only had to tweak it a little to display the info bubble. And FormBuilder. Didn't want to spend too much time on the form coding in a new environment. Tricky part here was to get the datepicker to display in German.
      There are some Animation features. The three info boxes at the top are slidable. And there state (closed/open) is remebered across the site. That was tricky, too because I had never worked wit jQuery cookies before. Gave me some headache but finally worked out fine.
      There are also some image slideshow features in the header on the "Praxis&Philosophie" page and on the start page. I used cycle2 jQuery plugin which is absolutely great.
      And some slide-in effects on the team page.
      All in all I learned really a lot from setting this up. It gave me a good base to explore PW further and work on more challenging projects with even more Animations AJAX etc. that shall be presented here in the near future.
    • By typ9
      Hey guys, another green website from the processwire beginners based near munich. This website is our first REAL PW project - and (for us) one of the biggest sites we‘ve ever built. And actually the first one with a CMS/framework that we did totally on our own. So, don‘t be too negative - but don‘t be too positive either.
      There are still many things that are not perfect yet, but since we started to design this website in 2011, it really was time to get it "into the wild" now! Many furniture manufacturers still haven‘t sent their best product images, so that is why there are still some lowres images in there. The project chapter needs some work on the photos as well, but that time will come... 
      The site is not responsive yet, because it wasn‘t our main goal in 2011 - so we only wanted to get it working on tablets and phones, but without any special mobile styles. This will come, but that may take a while.
      The modules we used:
      - formbuilder
      - procache
      - redirects
      - versioncontrol
      - sitemapxml
      I‘m totally glad I found processwire a few months ago, because at first we planned to get that site done with pure static html. Which would not be TOO nice with about 80 html pages and many, many images (about 400).
      Finally a few "thank you"s to ryan, soma, diogo (for creating processwire and your help in this lovely forum) and to mademyday (for posting this on twitter, which made me read about processwire).
      Comments are welcome! Of course!
    • By apeisa
      It is always interesting to find where processwire is mentioned, so this is the topic to post links to articles, blog posts, discussions, tweets etc which are about or related to ProcessWire.
      I started with this one, which is well written article about some basic differences between WP and PW: http://www.globi.ca/articles/articles/processwire_vs_wordpress/
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