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  1. RT @smashingmag: What are some of the most well-designed eCommerce retail / brands / online shop websites you’ve experienced? E.g. Toshiba,…

  2. I´m building a Markup Patternlab for my company to make it easy for our Devs and Graphic Designers to speak about the same elements and force them to produce reusable code. This is a little side project of mine because i have to manage some freelance designers, devs and our inhouse designers and devs. So this Patternlab is also serving as corporate styleguide once finished. If im allowed I will publish the whole App for the comm. Have a look:
  3. Uhm I think GPL would fit, im not experienced in this kind of topic. Maybe someone could give a hint or two. Good job mr-fan Hope there is plenty to learn, even if it was something from my very beginning in php dev stuff and a lot of lazy work.
  4. mr-fan u should have the latest stable version. So feel free to use it
  5. I like it so far, well i´ve been working here since 6 years Ok guys, if anyone would like to manage the suite on GitHub I will gift the source to the community.
  6. Watching farcry4 cutscenes over and over again... big fuck you @Ubisoft

  7. Hey Guys, sorry for not responding or being active in any PW related topic for some time now. First of all, yes I closed the shop and shut down my servers. I had some major trouble in the past related to my personal situation which made it impossible to work on my projects or to maintain them. Active development of the office suite would not continue, sorry for that. During the last 12 months I changed my work live completly, I am now hired as Product Manager in a company and dont do freelancing stuff anymore. I would overthink your wish to make the suite OS and share my decision on this the next few days with u if there is still interest in it, just let me know. Luis
  8. RT @WDR: Pageflow für alle! Unser Reportage-Tool gibt’s jetzt kostenlos als Open-Source-Projekt: http://t.co/fSeo514wXC http://t.co/P4UzBui…

  9. RT @nnfuzzy: Everybody is talking about #bigdata, but how useful is it , if you have #biggarbage and imho this is often the reality - #vari

  10. RT @kaepora: "Programming is like building with Lego but I never run out of bricks, and if there’s no brick with the shape I need I can mak…

  11. If you use jQuery, you could try a little workaround to display your images. Not a very elegant way, but should work for small projects. I started with a little php function to get my newsposts and generate the markup: function getNewsfeed(){ $curl = curl_init(); curl_setopt_array($curl, array( CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => 1, CURLOPT_URL => 'http://example.com/service-pages/?template=news&sort=-modified&limit=5' )); $result = curl_exec($curl); curl_close($curl); $data = ''; $result = json_decode($result, true); if($result){ foreach($result[matches] as $news){ $data .='<div class="js-newsfeedentry s-newsfeedentry">'; $data .='<h3>'.$news[title].'<small class="pull-right text-muted" style="padding-top:5px">Posted : '.date("d.m.Y - H:i",$news[created]).'</small></h3>'; $data .= $news[text]; $data .='<hr />'; $data .='</div>'; } } return $data; } as you can see, I wrap the entire newspost into a div with the class "js-newsfeed". Now we iterate over all images inside this div and manipulate the img src, to match the correct url from the web-service. Inside our document ready function we grab all news images and correct the src: /* fix urls for newsfeed img */ var newsfeedimg = $('.js-newsfeed img'); newsfeedimg.each(function(){ var newimgsrc = 'http://example.com'+$(this).attr('src'); $(this).attr('src',newimgsrc); }); et voila, working images. Remember that this isn´t a very good solution because you iterate over every image in your newspost via JavaScript and you shouldn´t do this on a project with many images.
  12. I didn´t choose Anttis module because I need an own database for each site, even if they share the same modules and the same templates. Every site has his own user base and differs completely in terms of data and data handling. Just to clarify: Mothership Site -> own database - registration form - handles clients and submissions - connects to subsites via one user -- created subsites -> own database - own users - communicates with mothership I wrote a little script which unzip a site profile, creates the client specific database and writes his config.php. Every module I place into my modules folder would be installed automatically on every subsite if got a specific prefix. I could imagine that a strong support for multisite setups would help to improve or even make some nice ideas possible.
  13. Just come back and help others whenever you could
  14. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=724111 This behaviour is a bug in firefox, so dont worry. Everything works
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