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  1. You could try something quick and dirty in your template file. Before any output check if the $user is logged in on every request and redirect him to the same page if not. This should trigger your login I guess <?php if(!$user->isLoggedin()){ $session->redirect($page->url) } ?>
  2. Thomas, I recently found your module, good job. Right now im thinkering with Electron and making Processwire to serve as a headless CMS. So your module is quite handy. I forked the module on GitHub and made it a little bit more connected to Processwire. To sum things up, I creates a "Endpoint Container" in the page tree where you can add your routes and methods. It still needs to add responding classes to provide content ;) I added a skeleton Class called "Blog" to get all contents under the "Home" Page or a specific Page via ID. I created a Pull Request, maybe you like my approach. https://github.com/Luis85/RestApi
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