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  1. Hello, Looking for a PW developer to collaborate on a PW based project. Experience with the PW API is a must, other Restful APIs and interfacing with React JS would be ideal.. Availability needed within the month. Offsite project. Experienced PW developers only need apply. We are ready to get started ASAP. Thank you. DM me with your contact information so we can discuss further. Non Disclosure agreement will be used.
  2. I would like to redirect users from a specific role group to a specific URL upon login. Any thought on how to accomplish this?
  3. RT @HeatFan119: I need all the "REAL" Heat Fans to RT to vote for Hassan Whiteside #HeatNation #NBAVote ?????

  4. Bad Robot Interactive's Action Movie FX app adds FX to your movies! With near-future tech from @CallofDuty #BlackOps2 http://t.co/ACWg7xJmz2

  5. It shows up either way in the static source and the console.
  6. MarkupSimpleNavigation.module is the one I am using I tried stripping all the jquery scripts but still I get the stray "1". I know its not javascript since its not appearing in the source.
  7. Only using Simple Tree Menu Module
  8. Thanks Joss, but I do not have any code executing in this area.
  9. Having an issue with a stray character that I cannot seem to get rid of. I have a "1" that appears at the bottom of my templates after the the html tag. The "1" is not in the main template file or the footer include file. Any suggestions?
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