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  1. This is working well for me, thank you @adrian. Is there a lost password option for the login screen?
  2. Thanks for the info @Robin S I have a page where a user can select from a series of files which are then sent with a form post, these files are then zipped on the fly for the user to download. I would need to send a list of files to a form processor page that would collect the files to be zipped dynamically. Of course to do that I need a unique identifier to be passed.
  3. Is there a way to retrieve a file name and path via using the pagefile->hash? If you can't use the hash tag what other unique id can be used to retrieve files saved using the files field?
  4. Outstanding Robin, this looks amazing, I am definitely going to try this out.
  5. Is there any sort of module that emulates a tree? For example. I want to be able to be able to visual create an organizational tree. This would allow drag and drop organization of elements in the tree Like this example https://mbraak.github.io/jqTree/examples/03_drag_and_drop/ I would then return the results in an array
  6. What's the best way to exclude the current page from results without resorting to filtering the results in a FOR LOOP. $news = $pages->find("template=news-article,sort=-publish_date, publish_date<$today"); In this example If I want to exclude the current page how would I do that? Is there a sibling reference?
  7. maddmac

    Hanna Code

    Looking to use Hanna code with ProFields Table. Textformatter is not parsing the Hanna snippet. Can anyone give me the correct name of the formatter option since it needs to be manually added instead of selecting the TextFormatter option from the dropdown.
  8. Just a question that might be answered in a previous post. If I want to apply a class to the <a> tag how would I do this using the module options?
  9. Is is possible to use the InputfieldSelectorSelectID module with the Hannacode dialog to make a page selector? Would this be built using some type of hook?
  10. Hello, Looking for a PW developer to collaborate on a PW based project. Experience with the PW API is a must, other Restful APIs and interfacing with React JS would be ideal.. Availability needed within the month. Offsite project. Experienced PW developers only need apply. We are ready to get started ASAP. Thank you. DM me with your contact information so we can discuss further. Non Disclosure agreement will be used.
  11. I would like to redirect users from a specific role group to a specific URL upon login. Any thought on how to accomplish this?
  12. RT @HeatFan119: I need all the "REAL" Heat Fans to RT to vote for Hassan Whiteside #HeatNation #NBAVote ?????

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