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  1. @EnvatoElements Been a member of envato since 2011. How about a discount code pls. Somehow I never received early beta. Show some love.

  2. I would like to redirect users from a specific role group to a specific URL upon login. Any thought on how to accomplish this?
  3. RT @HeatFan119: I need all the "REAL" Heat Fans to RT to vote for Hassan Whiteside #HeatNation #NBAVote ?????

  4. Bad Robot Interactive's Action Movie FX app adds FX to your movies! With near-future tech from @CallofDuty #BlackOps2 http://t.co/ACWg7xJmz2

  5. It shows up either way in the static source and the console.
  6. MarkupSimpleNavigation.module is the one I am using I tried stripping all the jquery scripts but still I get the stray "1". I know its not javascript since its not appearing in the source.
  7. Only using Simple Tree Menu Module
  8. Thanks Joss, but I do not have any code executing in this area.
  9. Having an issue with a stray character that I cannot seem to get rid of. I have a "1" that appears at the bottom of my templates after the the html tag. The "1" is not in the main template file or the footer include file. Any suggestions?
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