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  1. I know this is a few years old, will this work with formbuilder forms? Correction, I see @kongondo just updated this. I would like to use with a formbuilder form if possible. Anything on this @kongondo?
  2. Thanks @Jan Romero This method seems to be much easier then I thought it would be
  3. @bernhard no problem. I have a list of child pages that I want to associate with a page. For example I have a particular author that I want to programmatically associate book titles (pages) with an author what would be the best way of doing this programmatically without manually associating pages by the book title name? I can easily create a comma separated list of the books per Author name. Douglas Adams (author-page) These are all books (pages) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Life, the Universe and Everything (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #3) Book title 3 Book title 4
  4. Is there a method to programmatically select pages from a PageSelect based on the name of the page and associate them? I want to pass an array of page names or a comma separated list. These page names would be looped through and then added as multi page select for a specific field. These are existing pages not new pages. It's too cumbersome to manually select multiple pages
  5. I found this and updated, but the result is the same, it doesn't add the new tag or page. It says its going to be added but doesn't.
  6. Great module, question @LostKobrakai regarding add new tags on the fly. When I enter a tag name and press TAB nothing happens, should it add a new page automatically? Is there something I need to change in the config for this to happen? I can add existing tags no problem.
  7. Is there a method to save import settings for future imports? it would be great for non tech-savvy users to be able to minimize issues when importing data for repeated import tasks.
  8. @Zeka Do you know if you can pass form variables from Formbuilder into this hook directly?
  9. Thank @Zeka I just figured out a solution but your code is more elegant.
  10. Can you pass a URL parameter to a hook? If so what does that look like? This certainly isn't working or do I need use a before hook $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->name == 'myselect') { if(isset($_GET['temp'])) { $temp= $_GET['temp']; } else{ $temp = ''; } $event->return = $event->pages->find('template=$temp'); } });
  11. I would like see the bookmark feature as well. Now that I am using LIsterPro I see the benefits of something like this.
  12. Looks like a great addition to FormBuilder. Glad to see it and thanks
  13. Is is possible to pass JavaScript to a Hook? Looking to pass a value from a form select into a hook prior to the form being submitted. I realize the hook can be added when the form is processed but this is for a page lookup $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->name == 'your_field_name') { $event->return = $event->pages->find('your selector here'); } });
  14. Now that I have been playing around with this. I realized that I would like to utilize custom fields within the cards. Being able to send attached fields from the chosen PW template would make a great addition. Hoping this may be accomplished by a hook. Fond this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49458850/setting-custom-field-values-on-a-card-with-the-trello-api
  15. Thank you sir. I've patched my install with your updates and its working. I haven't seen any issues caused by your changes to the core yet but I'll keep my eyes open. This could be a game changer for our process.
  16. Looks like a great module. I have it installed (API also looks like connected successfully, but none of the pages are being sent over to Trello as cards. All the Is there a log that shows API requests or does anyone have a suggestion?
  17. I appreciate the quick reply. I may see if If we can use the username for now. I'd probably break something. Thank you
  18. Adrian this module is great!!, Have a question regarding the new user batcher, I tried to import users with an email address instead of a username but it throws an error, any suggestions? test.user@testmail.com,changeme,test.user@testmail.com,test,guy,0,1 ProcessWire\WireException Unknown Selector operator: '[empty]' -- was your selector value properly escaped? search► File: .../public_html/wire/core/Selectors.php:518
  19. Will this module work with FormBuilder?
  20. Is there a method to sort pages by name alphabetically not by ID in the PW Admin? I imagine this is something obvious 🤪
  21. This is working well for me, thank you @adrian. Is there a lost password option for the login screen?
  22. Thanks for the info @Robin S I have a page where a user can select from a series of files which are then sent with a form post, these files are then zipped on the fly for the user to download. I would need to send a list of files to a form processor page that would collect the files to be zipped dynamically. Of course to do that I need a unique identifier to be passed.
  23. Is there a way to retrieve a file name and path via using the pagefile->hash? If you can't use the hash tag what other unique id can be used to retrieve files saved using the files field?
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