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Found 2 results

  1. Update - 24.12.2021 After long days of reconsideration and experimenting I will deprecate the current state of Symprowire. I decided to get rid of my trys to integrate the whole Symfony experience as it grew pretty large pretty fast. Whats left you may ask? Well, the project is not dead. I am currently refactoring the whole setup to just use SymfonyHttpFoundation and Twig. I have a working proof right now, but have to polish some things first. The whole setup will come as a simple composer package to get called via a controller.php template file. Much like WireFrame. As you can see in the picture we will use the normal ProcessWire Workflow and just use the normal PageRender process. You as a Developer will get in control if to use the Setup for a particular Template or not. Looking forward to publish the proof. Cheers, Luis Debug Dump WIP 25.12.2021 Symprowire is a PHP MVC Framework based and built on Symfony using ProcessWire 3.x as DBAL and Service-Provider It acts as a Drop-In Replacement Module to handle the Request/Response outside the ProcessWire Admin. Even tough Symfony or any other mature MVC Framework could be intimidating at first, Symprowire tries to abstract Configuration and Symfony Internals away as much as possible to give you a quick start and lift the heavy work for you. The main Goal is to give an easy path to follow an MVC Approach during development with ProcessWire and open up the available eco-system. You can find the GitHub Repo and more Information here: https://github.com/Luis85/symprowire
  2. Hi, I'm new to ProcessWire after using general purpose MVC frameworks such as Laravel/Rails/Django, due to the fact I cannot find any CMS built on those platforms feels as stable, well supported, and easy to use (for clients) as ProcessWire does. I'm trying to replicate the MVC benefits of the above frameworks in ProcessWire, so I'm abstracting my templates into Controllers and Views as described in this thread, however, I am really missing the ORM API's in these frameworks. Being able to define models and them to store relational data i.e. social data, form data, and whatever else without dropping down to raw SQL.... and then retrieving and outputting this data in my templates. Does anybody have any advice of achieving this kind of behaviour in ProcessWire? Would it be a case of integrating a third-party ORM, or is there some whole part of ProcessWire that I've missed?
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