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Found 3 results

  1. This is a simple loader for LessQL, an ORM alternative for PHP. It is based on NotORM, and provides a quick way to access and find things in a database, including traversals and back-traversals. As discussed in some earlier topics, there are times when you'd like to store some data away from ProcessWire's pages/fields/templates structure for whatever reasons. However ORMs are sometimes cumbersome and requires a lot more effort to deploy. LessQL offers a quick way to just up and go like you're using an ORM but without the added complexity and configuration files. Module: https://github.com/alguintu/LessQL This modules simply loads the LessQL library into ProcessWire and exposes a $lessQL variable (configurable in settings) that gives access to your database. It uses the same database specified in $config by default, but can be set to use a separate database, along with its credentials. Usage given a table person : $people = $lessQL->person()->select("id, firstname, lastname")->where("firstname LIKE ?", "%alex%")->orderBy("firstname")->limit(10); It uses lazy loading and doesn't execute the query until it needs to. Checkout www.lessql.net for more info on LessQL. Module wrapper is pretty much lifted from @teppo's RedBeanPHP module, but with a few modifications.
  2. Does Processwire have a built-in ORM if not what is the recommended ORM for it?
  3. Hi, I'm new to ProcessWire after using general purpose MVC frameworks such as Laravel/Rails/Django, due to the fact I cannot find any CMS built on those platforms feels as stable, well supported, and easy to use (for clients) as ProcessWire does. I'm trying to replicate the MVC benefits of the above frameworks in ProcessWire, so I'm abstracting my templates into Controllers and Views as described in this thread, however, I am really missing the ORM API's in these frameworks. Being able to define models and them to store relational data i.e. social data, form data, and whatever else without dropping down to raw SQL.... and then retrieving and outputting this data in my templates. Does anybody have any advice of achieving this kind of behaviour in ProcessWire? Would it be a case of integrating a third-party ORM, or is there some whole part of ProcessWire that I've missed?
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