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Thx for sharing @zoeck It's always a little disturbing to read comments on such posts... So many wrong assumptions and judgements...


This main.php is cruel... reminds me of my beginnings as an intern ?

It's such a shame...

ProcessWire is such a brilliant and powerful tool. I've been working with PW extensively for several years now and still sometimes get the feeling that I'm just scratching the surface...

And with all that power and complexity (beauty) behind the scenes ProcessWire still looks like something that even an intern can read and understand at first sight. How genius is that?

And how wrong is this guy with his judgement?! But I can't blame him. I was in the same situation 8 years ago... I think that is a quite common reaction. And I wonder if we could do something about that. Or if we should? I don't know ?

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Yes .... 1) It is very hard to compare PW with other cms systems and 2) It takes a lot of PW use to begin to see the appliance potential of it ..... and 3) because most reviewers simply do not spend time with 1) and 2) their reviews are based on habitual thinking they have grown with other cms systems ....

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1 hour ago, ottogal said:

A really great write-up! Should find its way into the Showcase...!

Yes! Seriously, someone pls email @ryan about this. If no one else will do it, I'll do it.

My new favorite ProcessWire infographic:


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