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  1. I know how to use multisite system, I have it already working. What I need to know is can I somehow use that index.php to confirm that the username and the password are ok (all sites have different users). There are multiple databases under one index.php, so how to tell PW which one is right when using external PHP code.
  2. Is it possible to use this kind of technique for multisite (different databases and site folders, same core and index.php). How I can tell ProcessWire which site is the right one after required index.php (it probably uses our demo site as default). There is no point to do own install for all the sites because those are almost identical, but I need to test if the user has the correct password so I need to use right ProcessWire's database / config.php / site folder. My app knows which website and database is the right one, so can I pass it to ProcessWire somehow or do I have to use right config.php for that?
  3. Are you saying that I can just find a right ProcessWire and include its index.php to my web app, and I have full access to its pages and users? I can't but wonder and love the chances of this platform. Thanks! This is so awesome work.
  4. We have many booking calendars made with ProcessWire (own databases) and I want to do a web app (SQL) which allows user to log in. First, the user chooses the right calendar and then (s)he have to log in. The user can be from any of those calendars and the app is not running on ProcessWire (it can if necessary). So if there any way to make sure that the user has rights to the calendar (s)he tries to log in and if the password is correct. Is there any better way to do this? I could also use PIN codes or something, but those need to be encrypted too. Multiple ProcessWires A lot of users per ProcessWire Everyone can log in to the web app (when using right calendar)
  5. anttila

    They don't actually login to the website when they use the API - I just need to know if the password is correct and send confirmation or false. Although, I could use $session->login to check if the credentials are valid. Thanks for help, I'll look into it.
  6. We are developing an App that sends data over the Internet to ProcessWire (POST/JSON). We want password to be protected somehow when sending it, but I should be able to compare it to PW's passwords. We were thinking of using md5 encryption, but PW uses different encryption. How can I be sure that user has active account when they use the App?
  7. I developed my own web store platform on ProcessWire. Work like a charm. However, I would like to know what is the best way to cache web store? There is a shopping cart, many languages and previously watched products which need to run without cache but everything else could be cached. Is there a way to use PW's own cache or ProCache for everything else except for certain HTML ID? I have used MarkupCache for categories in some cases. I'm addicted to speed. Everything has to be loaded as fast as possible or even faster. My next step is developing AMP HTML as part of the platform, but that is not helping normal version.
  8. anttila

    Yes, I have tried to find some setting from there, but there is no option for those and every site has those attributes if the link is made in the body field.
  9. Is it possible to get rid of these useless rel attributes? It's CKeditor's default. I don't understand why those are forced.
  10. anttila Webstores (developed by Tuspe): (shop is only for visitors from Finland) Events: We have made almost 100 projects already.
  11. I really like your module and it is on every site we make. I found an odd bug when using core page cache and this module; styles not loading correctly and the page looks like there no CSS at all. Most of the sites have no problem, but this happened to maybe five of them. Not very often though. One of them has no page cache, but others do. It's always certain template / page and not the whole site without CSS. All the sites have https on but pages can use both ways.
  12. anttila

    Is there any way to handle over thousand images? The client wants all their images in one place and search would be nice too. Is there any good way to handle this with this module? Loading time is minutes now..
  13. anttila

    <?php foreach($users->find($item->writer) as $usr); ?> Odd thing that my custom field not showing when using print_r or var_dump, but still works if using $usr->customfield. Sorry about this post, I had a question, but found an answer already. Can't delete my own posts.
  14. anttila

    I would recommend certain modules to my own clients, like ProCache, but my employer is not going to buy modules that easily. We do a lot of websites every year, so developer license would not be that big a deal per website, but it's very hard to sell to him. We use Drupal as our main CMS and there you get everything free, and now you should pay to get medals. I do understand why some modules are not for free, but some people don't want to pay extra. And as said before, I can do all kinds of forms for my employer, but he thinks that's not good enough. And ProCache can minify inline CSS and JSON too, and control whole cache system. That's something that AIOM+ can't. So every site only share root (/) but they got their own modules and files. Sounds very good. I'll check that out this week. You were talking about marketing, easy install and supporting this project before, so I wrote things about those. But don't worry, I don't write more about this here. Just keep doing what you were doing before I jumped in. My post does not need its own thread. (:
  15. anttila

    I began my pilgrimage after co-worker of mine told me about this CMS. After that I installed default theme and began to try how this works. I used Wordpress years on my personal websites, and Drupal 7 for clients' sites. I knew some basics about PHP. 5-min tutorial video for dummies would have been nice. (: At the beginning I didn't know how to use this except what I found inside. My co-worker told me about Cheatsheet and then I began to make tests and everything I know about ProcessWire and PHP I learned from mistakes and succeed. ProcessWire's API is amazing, simple and powerful. The biggest problem here in Finland is that companies do not know ProcessWire. They only know Wordpress, Drupal and maybe some random third CMS. I used ProcessWire for my personal projects first, and then kind of forced it to some of my biggest client's projects. Normally we use Drupal, because there is a module almost every need and it's very popular among of bigger companies. And every module what we use is free. My "boss" don't like to pay when getting new modules. He thinks that when using Open Source CMS everything should be free. Forms are a good examples. Simple Contact Form is ok, but that is maybe too simple. I can code any kind of form he needs, but he thinks that clients should be able to create forms like they can when using Drupal and Webform. Even when most of clients need only one form. ProcessWire Form Builder seems ok, but that's not very cheap. Although he charges big sums from clients and that's ok, but he's not ok when module costs 50+ euros. And all the files are with pages, and those can't be accessed from other pages. That is a huge problem for those who want to upload images and use the same image for many pages. Of course, they can keep uploading same image to all pages, but that's not really good way to do things. I have access to the server so I can upload images where ever I want and use them with PHP, but clients do not have that possibility. Also, I fail to see the point of this because you can link images with pages, even if those were in the same folder. For me, that's no problem, but some of our clients have issues with that. But with ProcessWire I can make things so much easier and mostly faster than with Drupal. Every corner is optimised as well as I can, and ProcessWire does not load a lot scripts and styles inside head tag like most of others do (and if I disable that then something is broken). This CMS is like "a gift from god", but only true believers know about this - real gift specially after trying to find the right content from inside of Drupal's objects and arrays. But to be honest, ProcessWire is made more for us, developers, than for random marketing dude who wants to build a new website fast with some widgets like list of latest articles and slideshow. You need to know how to use ProcessWire and basics of PHP to make the most of this. I think that's why many don't know about this. But in my line of work, this has done a lot for us and made my job a lot easier when doing complex things. I have been supporting this CMS by using meta tag and telling about this CMS when posting to social media about our new creations (clients' sites). But I still have a small company and not have so many followers. Not that much I can do. Is there any big companies in Finland who uses ProcessWire? Company that everyone should know? I have only done small websites like events and small companies. And is there any big webstore made by ProcessWire which looks awesome? The problem is that we need big names and awesome websites if we want to conquer the World. Also, I would love to know is there an easier way to upgrade multiple sites than logging in and press upgrade. Can I get official upgrade package somewhere and then just copy everything from that folder to all websites' folders? I have a ready made bash script for Drupal brush so I could use the same code for copying files. Sorry about long post and some of it maybe little bit off topic.