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  1. $selector .= "parent=$architect, "; thats.is bad yes is not skskrappers lives.in citys as parent ? mebbe.u means architects=$architect ?
  2. $this->message( "<script>alert('he lieks a the.ladies')</script>", Notice::allowMarkup ); why.u uses old adminer ?
  3. admin.view cans sswich frm http https httpUrl necessarios
  4. teppo , http://www.skeletonscribe.net/2013/05/practical-http-host-header-attacks.html?m=1
  5. try.it u did ? errar massage get.will u You may not assign superuser role
  6. . how abut class_exists("moduule") ?
  7. dear land ,, and u.needs to turner off debug modee
  8. whys pw.nudees needed two chg.time zon ? pw even uses tz settning ?
  9. ut I'm missing the possibility to set the date/timezone during installation. Any plans when to include thi look .her u.can doit in site/config.php3
  10. downloded 2.3.11 dev zipper file installa ok no problemos mamp php 5.4 mysequel 5.5.29
  11. festisve sasson to all from willyc i is work.on theme two bassed on majani butt many better earely preview butt two moister.hunger here u.is looks.and learn
  12. WillyC

    FontShop WebFonter

    thises is.the fonts I uses xxlusivy now days http://www.thehutt.de/tolkien/fonts.html I useSed yAtt
  13. WillyC

    Hanna Code

    i see htmls in there sholdunt u.use html as mode ? their is no javascripts here just html script link to javascript tl;dr use.html mode
  14. u shuold use.vagination with 10 - 20 concerto/page hundredos of paginas u run out memory soon if u.cannut u may try stop nested foreacher.use $tours->find( "template=concert ") { edit each felds:: date city text fotos podcast checkbox ``auto join`` save dose this help ? it.shuld u.can loook 2 ``markupcache`` modulos too in end u must use paginasnation other wises u site can not scale
  15. uses : custom seleactor to find selactable pages >> `````` parent=page.id, sort=title `````` or all ins tree below `````` has_parent=page.id, sort=title ``````
  16. WillyC

    processwire webfont

    [...] You may not use conversion or editing tools on the Licensed Web Fonts. [...] it say fonts not character font=all the characters make pw logo in font no diffrent thans pw logo in png or eps
  17. feldtypepage only.have tamplate if u.set ones in feild setting but if u did
  18. [quitamos]WillyC has a great point. [/quotamos] this what.all ladies say aboute me when they.got close
  19. what.cliente ask.4 drupal or wordprass ? cliente ask 2 be able do this.or that or other not what cms u use cliente.want to do some thing web devaloper is 1 to say.what to do with web devaloper is expert on.tool not cliente unloss yur client.is also web devaloper love -willyc
  20. How open to some input/diversion are you, seems like building a new theme should have had a community discussion before hand. Maybe the work could even have been off loaded to a "GUI task-force" of sorts? I feel like the end result could benefit from more open brainstorming and discussion. Not to say I don't like this theme, but with all the great themes already in existence it's apparent there are a lot of great ideas floating around out there... anyway don't mind me I'm insanely picky. this is.comunitey discushion no ? there anothor page u.missed page.1:: ... i make willyC colors schemos.too ok.to poopst in here ?
  21. [quotamos] $pages->find('categories='.$page->category); $pages->find("categories={$page->category}"); [/quotamos] that not.prolem those.is exacly same to php
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