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  1. Great! you was right, needed some sleep. lol After the copy css/js it's good. I then disabled all append and prepend for blog templates. Because: PW latest use _main to output header/body/footer; and blog uses blog-main.inc to output header/body/footer. Kongondo, can you tell me which file is used in back end for the /blog/posts/ - /blog/categories/ - /blog/tags/ It seems in the Edit part is this code displayed as text (image I showed earlier).
  2. Reading instructions wrong I guess. Did a new install. Placed the Blog Master folder in modules and installed with demo template files. But this time css and js is off - I can't see css and js under /site/templates/, I CAN find them under /modules/Blog-master/. Am I installing wrong? or should I disgard multi language?
  3. Hi thanks for the reply. 1A. I installed the latest stable PW and choose multi-language. This is were the header/footer come from (_main / _init). 1B. I then installed your blog module which gave me the empty template files. The blog templates give me blog posts or categories (whatever I put there) and under it: header - content / sidebar - footer. I have seen native PW currently prepend and append the _init / _main to ALL templates - which is fine. But I am not sure how to proceed. _main works with this part, should I add $posts in there? <div id='main'> <!-- main co
  4. Also had some issues with back end markup...
  5. Just installed Kongondo blog module in PW multilanguage. Great concept! I Just have a small question regarding empty template files. If I would like to display posts under a current category (blog_category) I could go with this: $posts = $pages->find("template=blog-post, blog_categories={$page}"); $blog = $modules->get("MarkupBlog"); //if Blog Posts found, we render them out if ($posts) { echo $blog->renderPosts($posts); } else { echo '<p>No posts found</p>'; } But the haeder and footer are displayed UNDER the post. How do I get posts to be between this?
  6. I have tried both from Soma and Diogo - not working. In this case, they both should reflect "/browse/". Using static works, dynamic not. Strange. I just used $page->parent->children - not working either... But since I do not want to restrict myself only to /browse/ I thought to use page parent. So this static path is working. <?php $navigation = $pages->find("parent=/browse/");?> $page->prev($navigation)->url - EDIT - stupid!!! I forgot, in my old code - I used echo strings : echo "<div><a href='$page->prev($navigation)->url'>Link here</a>
  7. Just trying something for the prev next functions but I really do not understand, this first one not giving anything contrary to second one. While $page->parent is really a /path/. I have tried without ->name, without qoutes, placed $variable as concatenated outside of qoutes... Nothing seem to do it. Must be loosing my mind. lol <?php $navigation = $pages->find("parent=/{$page->parent->name}/");?> <?php $navigation = $pages->find("parent=/browse/");?> Basically I want the current page parent children as array (siblings). Only on rootparent = home I could not
  8. I get what you say - building blocks. It's also easy and the reason I use it. Basic and to be changed when we need. I have not really changed that much, just changed some things for small mobile sizes and don't use what takes to long. Had trouble with sized PW images shrinked by foundation... I really liked the off canvas - especially the concept Facebook (among others) is using. It's apealling to the eye. Was reading on the off canvas concept and I found out, that content is loaded lazy and placed into focus when needed. It's actually a litle faster then requesting single pages because it i
  9. I just see on PHP that checking on ->id is integer (martijn said that to) while I used =>id =, == and === "0". I now understand why it did not work... This one tumbled me: // the easiest way…if(!$page->id) { // $page is a NullPage} I used it so I could display something else, but I forgot the ->id... which makes it an object, and I did not know how to check an object. So my best bet is either if(!$page->prev($browse)->id) { OR if($page->prev($browse)->id == false ) {
  10. well, thanks all, for helping on this one - I will set my mind to 0 Null or blanc page (NullPage) and try to read from the link...
  11. So, if I want to evaluate if there is none - which one is the best to use... I prefer your example of == false, but is this always accurate with regards to a NullPage ? if($page->prev($browse)->id == false ) { // display somthing else } or if(!$page->prev($browse)->id === true ) { // which is rather confusing // display somthing else } or if(!$page->prev($browse)->id ) { // display somthing else }
  12. you all want to confuse me Lostkobrakai - is right when he say is not 0 but NULL. But checking for that did not solve it. Martijn - is right when $nullpage = new NullPage, hence id = 0 Teppo is right when he say NullPage is not Null. but NOW I don't know anymore!!!
  13. Maybe I do not get what you say, but from what I do understand from the pageArray (limited amount of pages) >>> $browse = $pages->find("parent=/browse/") - the next code would produce a NullPage if there is no previous, there would be none (no id), because I used === "0" == "0" and = "0" ... and it did not work. if(!$page->prev($browse)->id ) {
  14. While developing in PW I use foundation. Mostly because it's easier to read. but i really doubt if they ever succeed in making all what they promote work smoothly: equalizer - does not work on all elements. buttons - configured paddings and font-size are really bad. panels - only work good on <p> tags. dropdowns - does not adapt itself on small screens right away. Worse is it pushes content down. font icons - are very limited to what someone would really need. off canvas - does not go full width and height - unless you hack deep. block grids or columns work well - unless you spe
  15. thats what I said: if NOT id then NullPage = true lol. if false = true then false = false, but if true = true then true = true.
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