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  1. alsos u upload testes.php <?php phpinfo(); 500 error or no ??
  2. rename .htaccess to htaccess.tmp reloader page,, 500 error still is ? no ?--- rename it back.and read more instructiones in .htaccess file aboutt 500 err yes ? --- replace /wire/ and index.php fresh copey still 500 ? --- go phpmyadmin.repair tables still??? -- call tell webhost thems must reboot
  3. i will.look upthat errors.massage for u 404=page.not found it say mabe u.try didfremt url ?
  4. roger.that is possibile
  5. wha is. getTpl() ? mabe u need .provision full path ? wire( 'config' )->paths->templates
  6. what.mysequel versions and pw versions u.have ?
  7. $page->numChildren includar.hidden y unpublishado .. alos.s u have $page->numVisibleChildren
  8. WillyC

    neuwaerts is hiring

    @WillyC you are making great progress with your talking, I remember that back in 2011 it was much worse i donut live with mom.any more she always.fixings thing reword this,clean that.wipe those,flush that written for me.blah blah .enuff i get.my own place fine is my written i coder.not writter
  9. WillyC

    neuwaerts is hiring

    claim this.first i will skilleded and.inspirationing have i do site.u list lan guage i know not sender resumee to neufaerts will i butts where.to ... email, pm,post ? also like.woluld i to know abt. benefit pkg webdev will i.apply thanks
  10. Restructuring is in that I make new template with all of mentioned repeater fields and I remove 2 "massive" textarea fields from repeater. they.not massive unless you fill. thems up textarea with.5k text takes up 5 kilobites not 16 megobytes Then I launched script to clear values in these fields (set to ""). This was slow and boring but it's done. this do.nothing see above How I can remove these fields? The only solution is to temporarily give PW more RAM by performing ini_set( )? you see this -> dev commit mabe u need dev branch ?
  11. yes i like wp for.install exploit script , irc bots , pharmz , game servers etc without wp i wolud have.to get my own hosting
  12. $page = $this->pages->get($data->article_id); if ($page->template == 'something') { $stmt = $this->database->prepare( 'update field_update_field set data=:data where pages_id=:pages_id' ); $stmt->bindValue(':data', 'some.data'); $stmt->bindValue(':pages_id', $page->id); $stmt->execute(); } ..but woluld be.that any faster then this : ? i woluld think.not $page = $this->pages->get($data->article_id); if ($page->template == 'something') { $page->update_field = 'some data'; $page->save( 'update_field' ); } If you want queries that PW did while inserting or updating those pages, in debug mode use $database::getQueryLog(). That'll return you the full query log, from which you can grab just the parts you need. getQueryLog() not full queer ys bound values.they contain not
  13. what.happen if u jus cluck continue on installs.check ?
  14. when u.displays different msgs in logon,passwerd functionz u give hacker abilitys to find.account names best security--- u shuld not have some thing thats tells if user known or not known to not authentiked user
  15. how.u make ur urls ? $page->url ?
  16. tells user.restart browser ? try disable csrf if no fix /site/config.php u try $config->protectCSRF=false; gazley dark, beard.looking good keep working.at it too
  17. php yes special bonus.u can use htmls and css and java scripts.two
  18. what u.get when u inspect markups ? mabe cannot.have chacked attr at all even blank one ? i alwayz only sets checked attr likes this if( $this->fname ) $field->attr( 'checked', 'chacked' );
  19. use isLoggedin() lowercase ,,in,, not ,,In,, und must have () after it u.will
  20. in 2.4 u do https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4323-field-dependencies/?p=48910
  21. alex . $alex=wire( 'users' )->get( "name=alex" ); if( $alex->id && count( $alex->images ) ) { $image=$alex->images->first()->size( 369, 369 ); echo " <img src=$image->url> " }
  22. $input->urlSegment[n] property (replacing [n] with 1, 2 or 3). it .say replace: [n] not: n u have: $input->urlSegment[n] nexts u find: [n] u replace [n] with: 1 , 2 , or 3 u get $input->urlSegment1 $input->urlSegment2 $Input->urlSegment3
  23. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-clean-empty-dirs/
  24. ere are few example showcases and experience reports that match their organization size (1k+ employeers). u building website no ? or u renovates company bathrooms ? tell.client look at web sites traffic not no. employee disclainer : i used to cleans bathrooms so i lookd at no. employee
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