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  1. ask u.host abt mod_security mabe.u can turn its off
  2. php.max_input_vars http://www.virendrachandak.com/techtalk/big-forms-and-php-max_input_vars/
  3. u will.go 2 admin ...modulos ... ...core ... ... ...process ... ... ... ...search i accept.s paypal mom.sayd no
  4. pag have status feild have flags $f = $fields->get( 'language_files' ); $f->flags = Field::flagSystemOverride; $f->flags = 0; $fields->delete($f); u see.all fun here https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/blob/dev/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupportInstall.php#L158 maybe.u just copy+run uninstall func.above ? --- if u do put in non classy func, $this with wire() will u replace // ex. replaces this $field = $this->fields->get("language_files"); // w/this $field = wire()->fields->get("language_files");
  5. <?php $pag = $pages->get( 'name=languages, template=admin' ); $pag->status = Page::statusSystemOverride; $pag->status = 0; $pag->delete(); ?>
  6. it work for willyc and.mom if u add.page-publish perm user need page-publish perm .to edit alreadey publisheded page user w/o page-publish only.create or edit.unpublishedd pages cd ..
  7. The site is already on the live server since days and I've created 5 users out of which one can't log in: "request aborted because it appears to be forged." Even more strange: I can log in with the users credentials and the same browsers, no problem (I'm of course at my desktop and not at my users office). The user swears that he has used the right credentials. bowser.plugn messings with session or.heis browser. is hackked
  8. empty need.real variabble nots one come.from no public objecto.proptery empty not triggers__get or __call in objectos.stop using it u will
  9. roles.on speed u sholud.call it adderole
  10. whattool u.use 2 bench marks ? whatt. autoload modulos u have ? turning on debugger mode.on in config.php admin>debug>hooks tell u some multi languoge ?
  11. even phpinfo have.prollblms ? { apache.need rebooted if can switch php.ver to 5.4 { worth try.mabbe will flush the poops } else { u.need webhost to.rebooter } } just cuz .other site in webbhost works mean nothing. big webhoster have many server .they donut all go bad at.same times unless earthquake or farmer plow wrong field.with webhost internets conneckshion
  12. alsos u upload testes.php <?php phpinfo(); 500 error or no ??
  13. rename .htaccess to htaccess.tmp reloader page,, 500 error still is ? no ?--- rename it back.and read more instructiones in .htaccess file aboutt 500 err yes ? --- replace /wire/ and index.php fresh copey still 500 ? --- go phpmyadmin.repair tables still??? -- call tell webhost thems must reboot
  14. i will.look upthat errors.massage for u 404=page.not found it say mabe u.try didfremt url ?
  15. roger.that is possibile
  16. wha is. getTpl() ? mabe u need .provision full path ? wire( 'config' )->paths->templates
  17. what.mysequel versions and pw versions u.have ?
  18. $page->numChildren includar.hidden y unpublishado .. alos.s u have $page->numVisibleChildren
  19. WillyC

    neuwaerts is hiring

    @WillyC you are making great progress with your talking, I remember that back in 2011 it was much worse i donut live with mom.any more she always.fixings thing reword this,clean that.wipe those,flush that written for me.blah blah .enuff i get.my own place fine is my written i coder.not writter
  20. WillyC

    neuwaerts is hiring

    claim this.first i will skilleded and.inspirationing have i do site.u list lan guage i know not sender resumee to neufaerts will i butts where.to ... email, pm,post ? also like.woluld i to know abt. benefit pkg webdev will i.apply thanks
  21. Restructuring is in that I make new template with all of mentioned repeater fields and I remove 2 "massive" textarea fields from repeater. they.not massive unless you fill. thems up textarea with.5k text takes up 5 kilobites not 16 megobytes Then I launched script to clear values in these fields (set to ""). This was slow and boring but it's done. this do.nothing see above How I can remove these fields? The only solution is to temporarily give PW more RAM by performing ini_set( )? you see this -> dev commit mabe u need dev branch ?
  22. yes i like wp for.install exploit script , irc bots , pharmz , game servers etc without wp i wolud have.to get my own hosting
  23. $page = $this->pages->get($data->article_id); if ($page->template == 'something') { $stmt = $this->database->prepare( 'update field_update_field set data=:data where pages_id=:pages_id' ); $stmt->bindValue(':data', 'some.data'); $stmt->bindValue(':pages_id', $page->id); $stmt->execute(); } ..but woluld be.that any faster then this : ? i woluld think.not $page = $this->pages->get($data->article_id); if ($page->template == 'something') { $page->update_field = 'some data'; $page->save( 'update_field' ); } If you want queries that PW did while inserting or updating those pages, in debug mode use $database::getQueryLog(). That'll return you the full query log, from which you can grab just the parts you need. getQueryLog() not full queer ys bound values.they contain not
  24. what.happen if u jus cluck continue on installs.check ?
  25. when u.displays different msgs in logon,passwerd functionz u give hacker abilitys to find.account names best security--- u shuld not have some thing thats tells if user known or not known to not authentiked user
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