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  1. Hi gurkendoctor Any plans on an update for your module? I've installed it a bit back, but I have issues with saving pages.. Maybe it's just me that setup Nginx wrong, but your module fails to purge the cache whenever I save a page, so I was looking to see if the module were updated, but it hasn't changed for a while.
  2. My localhost: PHP version: 5.4.22 MySQL version: 5.6.10 Apache: Apache/2.2.26 (Unix) The information for the hosts that doesn't work is the one I wrote earlier. Seems like they both use the exact same setup (as the other, not like mine, the working server). :-I The info for my VPS that also work is: PHP: 5.5.9-1ubuntu4 MySQL: I really don't know, because I obviously secured it too well, and I can't even mysql -v it. But it was last month, and it was the newest version, so, yeah. Apache: Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
  3. Yeah it's still a problem. :-( And now I've tried it on another host with same result. The only two places I've succesfully gotten the Hanna Code module to work were on localhost (yay) and on my Digital Ocean Droplet... I guess I'll let the owner of the site know, that he can't get that module on the two host masters he wished for.
  4. Hi all I hope there's someone here that can help me.. I've set up this site (www.sejero-festival.dk) on my localhost and Hanna Code works excellent. However, and I've tried two different hosts now, when I deploy the site, the Hanna Code module fails miserably when I try to go to the setup part : One of the hosts has the following specs: PHP: 5.3.28 MySQL: 5.5.37 Does anyone have a clue what might cause this error?
  5. Hmm.. in the PhpMyAdmin panel it says: Database serverServer: via TCP/IP Software: MySQL Software version: 5.1.73-1 - (Debian) Protocol version: 10 User: xxxxx@xxxxx Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) Any clues??
  6. Hi Willy PW is 2.4 MySQL is: MySQL version = 5.5.37-MariaDB-1~wheezy MySQL driver version: mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 731e5b87ba42146a687c29995d2dfd8b4e40b325 $ max_user_connections = 24 max_allowed_packet = 16 MB
  7. Hi all! I've just deployed my site - which worked perfectly (AWESOMELY I might add) on localhost, and everything seems to work just fine. However, on the live domain (www.sejero-festival.dk) when I go to Setup -> Hanna Code, I get the following error(s): Warning: mysqli::set_charset(): Couldn't fetch Database in /customers/9/8/c/sejero-festival.dk/httpd.www/wire/core/Database.php on line 71 Warning: Database::query(): Couldn't fetch Database in /customers/9/8/c/sejero-festival.dk/httpd.www/wire/core/Database.php on line 114 TemplateFile: SELECT id, name, type, modified, accessed, co
  8. Thanks for the fast answer diogo! I really like the simplicity of your suggestion.. a lot! Do you have a suggestion how I go about creating a shared genre-list, file type-list, etc for all these pages?
  9. Hi all I don't know how to go about making this very specific thing in PW, so I'm hoping for some good pointers and/or ideas how to go about it. On this website I'm building for a music festival, there's a page called "archive". This page should list lots and lots of media clips from the past years from the festival. A media clip can be either a video (vimeo), music (soundcloud) or a picture (upload through admin). I have all the API access to the third parties figured out, but the one thing I can't figure out is how to design the media "resource" in PW. I've read that repeaters are bad for
  10. You're a genius. Thank you so much Adrian, it works perfectly.
  11. And back I am! WITH lots of praise! :-D You're excellent Adrian! And here's another question for you: Can I add a description to the image? I tried $socialphoto->image->add('http://localhost/pw/site/apitest/test.jpg'); $socialphoto->image->description = 'Oh haaay'; but that didn't work
  12. Thanks Adrian! I'll give it a shot tonight and return with lots of praise when I nail it
  13. Hmm.. but that looks like an example of how to create a repeater? My repeater already exists in the admin -> fields -> socialphoto, so all I want to do is to add a new repeater to the page (a page which also has the repeater field assigned to the template) for each image in a folder (In my example above, I'm just trying to add the repeater to the page and populate it with data. It's the populating with data part that I can't get right).
  14. Loving ProcessWire

  15. Hi all Well, I feel kind of stupid here, since the documentation is so perfect and there's lots of answers on this exact topic to be found out there, but somehow I just can't seem to get this thing to work. I have a repeater field called socialphoto with three fields in it: * image * date * pinned (checkbox) So what I would like to do through the API, is to loop through a local folder in the site and add a repeater item for each image found. (this is the simplified explanation). Nevermind the folder structure, my test with just one test image doesn't work, so I'm actually at square
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