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  1. reems, LostKobrakai, Thank you for your replies! Regarding Table from ProFields, I know about it, but want to try some free alternative. If nothing will be found, I have to use them. Regarding PageTable, it's interesting, I'll try them now, thank you!
  2. Hello. I'm developing website for restaurant network, and I use repeater field for menu (meals). Page has repeater field, named "menu". It has 2 fields - title (multilingual - 3 languages) and price. 150 repeater entries are created and save normally. Starting from 151 when I fill new repeater row and click save, PW shows success message but 151st row isn't saved. How can I fix this problem? Or can you suggest any alternative method for storing such data? Using page for each row is very hard for editing. Thank you in advance! I forgot to notice one thing, when I use debug tools I see that the data from 151st is passed in POST array.
  3. After migration to secure server. where a lot of things are disabled, PW gives this error when I try to view website. Fatal error: Exception: Fieldtype 'FieldtypeTextareaLanguage' does not exist (in /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Field.php line 200) #0 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Field.php(93): Field->setFieldtype('FieldtypeTextar...') #1 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Data.php(81): Field->set('type', 'FieldtypeTextar...') #2 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/SaveableItems.php(141): WireData->__set('type', 'FieldtypeTextar...') #3 [internal function]: WireSaveableItems->___load(Object(FieldsArray)) #4 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Wire.php(269): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #5 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('load', Array) #6 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Fields.php(133): Wire->__call('load', Array) #7 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/Fields.php(133): Fields->load(Object(FieldsArray)) #8 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/ProcessWire.php(112): Fields->init() #9 /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/wire/core/ProcessWire.php( in /base/area.gov.az/public_html2/index.php on line 220 What can be the reason of this error?
  4. Soma, thank you very much!)
  5. Hello. I want implement image "likes" system. I want to use built-in description field to store values (because client needs opportunity to change values by himself). I have one problem - how change image description with ajax request? For example, I send request via jQuery to file likes.php <php include "./index.php"; $gal_page = $wire->pages->get(1188); //I don't know how can I pass image id or something similar and then select this image $image_id = $wire->input->get("img_id"); //set OF false $gal_page->of(false); //I know that there isn't such method, just for example $gal_page->images->eq($image_id)->description = "34512"; $gal_page->save(); ?> As you see from code comments, my main problem is saving image id or something else and finding image by this info. Have you any ideas, how can I implement this?
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