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  1. Hi everyone, I hope all is well in these strange quarantine days. I'm looking for a way to give those who visit a page with a catalogue (a simple list of pages) the possibility to change the order of the catalogue items by clicking on an up / down arrow. so from this: cat1 - page 1 - page 2 should become cat1 - page 2 - page 1 but I can't understand how to use $page-> sort correctly. Obviously I set the sort of cat1 children as a custom sort. Can you help me out? Thanks so much
  2. WOW WOW WOW !!!!!! Thank you very very very much!!!! Sorry, I don't know why this was unpublished. I hope that in the future I will be able to reciprocate. Andrea
  3. yes no problem! I'm looking for your suggestion about hooks but I didn't find nothing yet Thank you Andrea
  4. No problem, now is ok. Thank you very very much for watching my problem!!!
  5. Hi huseyin thank you very much for the response. Also my English is terrible (I'm from Italy) 🙂 I have a test site: https://village.arkenu.it/pw you can enter with superuser role id: pwforum psw: ######## (I can send you via pm) or with user that have only test_admin role (which should be able to create pages but fails) id: test_admin psw: ######## (I can send you via pm) Thank you very much for any ideas!! Andrea
  6. Thank you for the suggestion Already done and everything is ok but the problem is still here .. only users with superuser role can add pages thank you anyway
  7. Thank you very much. It works!! But the other problems still remain. Especially the fact that only users with superuser role can add pages. Some idea? Thank you
  8. Goodmorning everyone, sorry for the inconvenience but I have a problem that I can't find in any other post. Strange things happen on a site: - despite everything being configured correctly (as already done in dozens of other sites) only superusers can create new pages - if I insert in a selector "include = all" the result is always 0 - I should restore a series of pages incorrectly inserted in the trash, but I cannot select them with the selector "status = Trash" Some idea? Thanks so much for your valuable support.
  9. Thank you very much Robin, I'll try immediately this module! Thank you buy Andrea
  10. Hello, sorry but I have a problem that really can't solve by myself and I'm obliged to ask you. In my project I have this type of pages: - client (cliente in italian) - supplier (fornitore in italian) - project (progetto in italian) Only in every project I have all the link with client (pagefield single) and suppliers (pagefield multiple). Now the question: which is the quickest way to find all the suppliers for a specific client, and also how many projects every supplier have done for this specific client? I solved already but with a lot of foreach .... I'm sure that with selector there must be a quick way. this is my code: foreach ($pages->findmany("template=fornitore") as $fornitore) { $progetti = $pages->find("template=progetto, progetto_cliente=$page, progetto_fornitori=$fornitore"); if ($progetti != '') echo '<a class="item_dx_a ajax-link" href="'.$fornitore->url.'">'.$fornitore->title.' - '.$progetti->count.'</a>'; } Thank you very much for the aid.
  11. a.masca


    Hi @Wanze, I have a product template with a repeater that I use for tags of the product. I think that it would be great use the tags of the product for populate the meta tag of the page 🙂 buy Andrea
  12. a.masca


    Hi @Wanze, congrats for your great module! Only one issue: if you try to set as meta tag input a repeater field, all the title of items in repeater are listed without space and commas between each of them. Also my items title are uppercase and it would be nice if they would but lowercase. Thank you very much!!!! Andrea
  13. Hello and thank you for the great job that all of you do every day on this great project!!! I have a little question: is possible to format the field float or decimal in this way: from 1000000.56 to 1.000.000,56 in repeater and repeater matrix? Thank you very much Andrea
  14. Thanks Wanze for the answer. In the page where I want to put my download pdf button, I have a list of reservations (every reservation is a page) that the user can filter with a form. example: $prenotazioni = $pages->find("template=prenotazione, giorno=xxx"); So my goal is to pass to the pages2pdf this variable $prenotazioni, so the user can download the pdf of the list that he filtered. Thanks a lot Andrea
  15. Hello and thanks for the great module!! Everything seems to work but I have a doubt. I should create a pdf of a list of events that are setup by the user via a form. I would then pass a variable with the exact list to the template that I use to create PDF, but I can not. Some idea? Thanks so much Andrea
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