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selector best way to use

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sorry but I have a problem that really can't solve by myself and I'm obliged to ask you.

In my project I have this type of pages:

- client (cliente in italian)

- supplier (fornitore in italian)

- project (progetto in italian)

Only in every project I have all the link with client (pagefield single) and suppliers (pagefield multiple).

Now the question:

which is the quickest way to find all the suppliers for a specific client, and also how many projects every supplier have done for this specific client?

I solved already but with a lot of foreach .... I'm sure that with selector there must be a quick way.

this is my code:

foreach ($pages->findmany("template=fornitore") as $fornitore) {
   $progetti = $pages->find("template=progetto, progetto_cliente=$page, progetto_fornitori=$fornitore");
   if ($progetti != '') echo '<a class="item_dx_a ajax-link" href="'.$fornitore->url.'">'.$fornitore->title.'  -  '.$progetti->count.'</a>';

Thank you very much for the aid.


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If you only need the count of $progretti then you can use the more efficient $pages->count() method.

And you might find the Connect Page Fields module useful to create two-way connections between the pages in your Page Reference fields. This can help avoid the need for additional PageFinder queries inside the foreach because the projects for each supplier can be stored in a Page Reference field in the supplier template.

Also, please use code blocks when posting code in the forum to make it more readable.

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Thank you very much Robin, 
I'll try immediately this module! 

Thank you


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