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  1. If you are adding inputfields to a InputfieldForm object (as it looks like you are according the code you posted) then it will work. Yeah, my suggestion is that you don't do that and you instead take advantage of all the useful stuff PW provides for you in the InputfieldForm::processInput() method. This method calls the various processInput() methods of all the inputfields that you have in your form. That does a lot of the input validation work for you and has useful features like inputfield-specific error messages, required fields, required-if logic, etc.
  2. Have you studied this thread? You can use the PW API to process your form submission and then you won't need to do any hacks like that for checkbox fields. The "truthiness" of the checkbox field value once the form has been processed will tell you if it was checked or not. Example: /** @var InputfieldForm $form */ $form = $modules->get('InputfieldForm'); /** @var InputfieldText $f */ $f = $modules->get('InputfieldText'); $f->name = 'greeting'; $f->label = 'Greeting'; $form->add($f); /** @var InputfieldCheckbox $f */ $f = $modules->get('InputfieldCheckbox'); $f->name = 'new_zealander'; $f->label = 'I am a New Zealander'; $f->skipLabel = Inputfield::skipLabelMarkup; $form->add($f); /** @var InputfieldSubmit $f */ $f = $modules->get('InputfieldSubmit'); $form->add($f); if($input->post('submit')) { $form->processInput($input->post); $greeting = $form->getChildByName('greeting')->value; $new_zealander = $form->getChildByName('new_zealander')->value ? 'checked' : 'not checked'; bd("The greeting was '$greeting' and the 'I am a New Zealander' checkbox was $new_zealander"); } echo $form->render();
  3. $field = $modules->get("InputfieldHidden"); $field->attr('name','Name'); $field->skipLabel = Inputfield::skipLabelMarkup; $form->append($field); https://processwire.com/api/ref/inputfield/#pwapi-methods-skipLabel-constants
  4. Well it's not intended for use with Combo but rather with FieldtypeDynamicOptions. But I tested and if you enter paths/URLs to already uploaded Pageimage files as the values of the selectable options then it does work. But I can't see why that would be a better thing to do than using a FieldtypeDynamicOptions field where you can define the selectable options dynamically.
  5. No, but there needed to be some limit set and I can't personally imagine needing more than three custom menus. If anyone using the module finds they need more then I'd consider increasing the limit. Not actual navJSON ajax-loaded menus because those require a Process module. But in the latest version I've allowed for the possibility to define multiple levels of submenus using a hook. See the updated readme. In the hook you can check if the user has or lacks a role and return different child item data accordingly. And in the latest version if you return false from the hook then the menu is not shown at all. See the updated readme. Should be fixed in the latest version.
  6. This module lets you add some custom menu items to the main admin menu, and you can set the dropdown links dynamically in a hook if needed. Sidenote: the module config uses some repeatable/sortable rows for the child link settings, similar to the ProFields Table interface. The data gets saved as JSON in a hidden textarea field. Might be interesting to other module developers? Custom Admin Menus Adds up to three custom menu items with optional dropdowns to the main admin menu. The menu items can link to admin pages, front-end pages, or pages on external websites. The links can be set to open in a new browser tab, and child links in the dropdown can be given an icon. Requires ProcessWire v3.0.178 or newer. Screenshots Example of menu items Module config for the menus Link list shown when parent menu item is not given a URL Advanced Setting child menu items dynamically If needed you can set the child menu items dynamically using a hook. Example: $wire->addHookAfter('CustomAdminMenus::getMenuChildren', function(HookEvent $event) { // The menu number is the first argument $menu_number = $event->arguments(0); if($menu_number === 1) { $colours = $event->wire()->pages->findRaw('template=colour', ['title', 'url', 'page_icon']); $children = []; foreach($colours as $colour) { // Each child item should be an array with the following keys $children[] = [ 'icon' => $colour['page_icon'], 'label' => $colour['title'], 'url' => $colour['url'], 'newtab' => false, ]; } $event->return = $children; } }); Create multiple levels of flyout menus It's also possible to create multiple levels of flyout submenus using a hook. For each level a submenu can be defined in a "children" item. Example: $wire->addHookAfter('CustomAdminMenus::getMenuChildren', function(HookEvent $event) { // The menu number is the first argument $menu_number = $event->arguments(0); if($menu_number === 1) { $children = [ [ 'icon' => 'adjust', 'label' => 'One', 'url' => '/one/', 'newtab' => false, ], [ 'icon' => 'anchor', 'label' => 'Two', 'url' => '/two/', 'newtab' => false, 'children' => [ [ 'icon' => 'child', 'label' => 'Red', 'url' => '/red/', 'newtab' => false, ], [ 'icon' => 'bullhorn', 'label' => 'Green', 'url' => '/green/', 'newtab' => false, 'children' => [ [ 'icon' => 'wifi', 'label' => 'Small', 'url' => '/small/', 'newtab' => true, ], [ 'icon' => 'codepen', 'label' => 'Medium', 'url' => '/medium/', 'newtab' => false, ], [ 'icon' => 'cogs', 'label' => 'Large', 'url' => '/large/', 'newtab' => false, ], ] ], [ 'icon' => 'futbol-o', 'label' => 'Blue', 'url' => '/blue/', 'newtab' => true, ], ] ], [ 'icon' => 'hand-o-left', 'label' => 'Three', 'url' => '/three/', 'newtab' => false, ], ]; $event->return = $children; } }); Showing/hiding menus according to user role You can determine which menu items can be seen by a role by checking the user's role in the hook. For example, if a user has or lacks a role you could include different child menu items in the hook return value. Or if you want to conditionally hide a custom menu altogether you can set the return value to false. Example: $wire->addHookAfter('CustomAdminMenus::getMenuChildren', function(HookEvent $event) { // The menu number is the first argument $menu_number = $event->arguments(0); $user = $event->wire()->user; // For custom menu number 1... if($menu_number === 1) { // ...if user does not have some particular role... if(!$user->hasRole('foo')) { // ...do not show the menu $event->return = false; } } }); https://github.com/Toutouwai/CustomAdminMenus https://processwire.com/modules/custom-admin-menus/
  7. I've found something similar in a few cases. Doing a Modules > Refresh is supposed to both clear the module info cache and the admin menu cache (AdminThemeUikit hooks Modules::refresh) but sometimes it doesn't work and you have to either logout/login or (easier) use the Tracy Debugger "Clear Session & Cookies" link in the "ProcessWire Info" panel. The whole cached admin menu thing seems a bit pointless to me, so if you want to effectively disable that you can put the following in /site/ready.php // Prevent admin menu from being cached $wire->addHookBefore('ProcessController::execute', function(HookEvent $event) { $event->wire()->session->removeFor('AdminThemeUikit', 'prnav'); }); But you'll still need to do a Modules > Refresh if you make changes to the "nav" item in a Process module's getModuleInfo method. Have a look at ProcessModule and I think you'll be able to work it out. Within getModuleInfo see "useNavJSON" and the "navJSON" items within the "nav" array, and the executeNavJSON method. You probably can't. Probably best to make a corresponding executeSomething() method in your Process module that simply lists the child links. Yeah, unfortunately you can't because AdminThemeFramework forces the Process page URL before the link for items in the "nav" array. It seems this array is really only intended to be used for executeSomething() methods within the Process module and not for general purpose links. Recently I've been playing around with an alternative approach to custom admin menus which involves hooking AdminThemeFramework::getPrimaryNavArray (only possible in PW 3.0.178 or newer). If you use Tracy to dump the event return you can work out how the menus can be manipulated. And I've put together a module that lets you add custom admin menus without writing code - will release soon.
  8. Yes, the original module which is a completely separate thing to LoginRegisterPro. There is no support thread so people create lots of separate forum threads for questions. And also there are quite a lot of GitHub issues and it's not clear what support or future there is for LoginRegister, and people need to know that before they start using it.
  9. Wow, a triple-whammy of modules, thanks @ryan! I noticed that two of these new modules don't have support threads in the forum and the Support button in the modules directory listing isn't functional. That situation also applies to your Login Register module which I believe used to have an entry in the modules directory but no longer does. (Edit: after doing a quick scan through your modules in the directory it looks like the majority don't have support threads in the Modules/Plugins subforum) It's inevitable that users of these modules will have questions/issues that they will want to raise here in the forums, so it would be good if every module that's shared with the community has a dedicated thread in the forums. Otherwise people open multiple new topics so it's harder for users to look through the history of discussion about a module. If the reason some of your modules don't have support threads is that you're not able to spend time responding to support requests (which is totally legitimate IMO) then the opening post could explain the support status of the module, maybe something along the lines of "this module has been shared with the community but the author is generally not available to provide ongoing support". Then people can still post questions or issues with the understanding that they are not guaranteed to get support from the module author but that other members of the PW community may offer advice.
  10. Thanks. I assume you mean if you accidentally add a description because the point of this module is that it hides the fieldset that surrounds the fields so you wouldn't expect to be able to see any description. In v0.1.7 the module explicitly hides any description and notes for the fieldset so if these are accidentally present they won't disrupt the intended layout.
  11. Pages will only appear in the dropdown menu if those pages have a Process assigned. See here. In effect this usually means "pages that use the admin template". You could possibly create a custom Process module that you use to redirect to other pages in the module's execute() method. Then create new pages using the admin template and select your Process. See here for an easy way to set the menu icon of admin pages. But also consider using the "nav" item in the getModuleInfo() method of a custom Process module. This lets you define some dropdown menu items for the Process when the page is in the top menu. ProcessModule is an example. Unfortunately you cannot set the first level of dropdown items dynamically. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/189 The top menu is cached (unnecessary in my opinion) so if you are making changes and not seeing them reflected in the menu then do a Modules > Refresh (and Tracy has a handy shortcut). Add "#ProcessPageEditChildren" to the URL. /your-admin-page/page/edit/?id=1234#ProcessPageEditChildren
  12. What is the showif condition you are using for the Page Reference field? If the visibility depends on the value of the Roles field make sure you are matching by role ID, e.g. roles=1234|1235
  13. I don't think you'll be able to use that combination because PageTable isn't supported inside a Repeater, and FieldtypeFieldsetPage is very closely related to FieldtypeRepeater (see the intro blog post). This post has a handy summary of fieldtype compatibility (written before FieldsetPage existed): So if changing your PageTable to RepeaterMatrix is an option then that will likely work inside FieldsetPage. AdminActions has an action for migrating PageTable to RepeaterMatrix.
  14. Try using urlencode() on the image URL to deal with spaces and other potentially problematic characters.
  15. The HTML Entity Encoder is probably applied to the title field (which is good). So you need to turn off output formatting for $quizPage... $quizPage->of(false); ...or at least get the unformatted value of the title field... $record->title = $quizPage->getUnformatted('title');
  16. If the search phrase is coming from user input you'll need to sanitise it through $sanitizer->selectorValue or else there are a range of search phrases that will break your search and cause an error. But "%" is filtered out by $sanitizer->selectorValue by default, because it is a character that is used in a selector operators, e.g. "%=", "%$=", etc. So if it's important that "%" be allowed you'll need to add it in the whitelist option, but bear in mind that this will possibly allow some search phrases that could break the search or return incorrect results. Not sure how likely that is in practice. The basic operators that appear to work with % in the search phrase are *= and %=. The %= operator allows partial word matches so it depends what you want. If you want to match multiple words in any order you'll probably want use an approach where you explode to individual words then build up a selector string.
  17. InputfieldWrapper extends Inputfield which implements Module. Do you get an error or something when you install this example module?
  18. I don't understand the question. ConnectPageFields <= v0.3.1 requires PW >= v3.0.0 ConnectPageFields >= v0.3.2 requires PW >= 3.0.166
  19. You're right, I think the vulnerability was only able to be exploited on systems where Adminer had been left in a publicly accessible location.
  20. I believe so, give it a try. I can't test easily because my WAMP package has a mail sender built in.
  21. It depends who needs to see these test emails. If only you, the developer, needs to see them you can use Tracy Debugger's Mail Interceptor panel and then (I think) you won't need an email server.
  22. I did a bit of reading about this last night and reports are that in Adminer v4.6.2 and below there was a security hole that hackers exploited to attack WordPress and Magento sites - not sure if other platforms were vulnerable but given that Adminer is a general DB tool I assume so. But this hole was patched and consensus seems to be that recent versions of Adminer are safe. So I wonder if the OP's host has an overly broad rule that is simply flagging Adminer generally rather than detecting specific versions. Having said that, I checked the Tracy Debugger history and the first bundled Adminer version was v4.6.3 so it was kind of a near miss. Maybe it is better that the Adminer panel is separated into its own module so that having it present on a server is more of a conscious choice. I think it's an awesome addition to Tracy so I'll be installing it for sure.
  23. Very interesting, although the visualisation doesn't quite demonstrate the fact that the bundled site profiles make up more than half of the total ZIP filesize when you download PW from the repo. I believe this has some negatives so I'm keen to start a discussion about moving most of the profiles to separate repos. For anyone interested, please participate here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/415
  24. You need to get the unformatted value of the Page Reference field in order to have unpublished pages appear: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1159 $value = $page->getUnformatted('your_field_name');
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