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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I need help creating link in CK editor that would target my translated page, so it depends on what language user has selected. something like: <a href="?id=1450">view all</a> would target: <a href="en/onion/">Onion</a> <a href="de/zwiebel"></a> depending on user defined language. Thank you
  2. Hello, I've added a class in ProcessPageEditLink but when I call it from Editor (attributes > class) nothing happens. Also, I've created the class in my custom.css, is there any other css file this class needs to be in? thanks
  3. If you've ever needed to insert links to a large number of files within CKEditor you may have found that the standard PW link modal is a somewhat slow way to do it. This module provides a quicker way to insert links to files on the page being edited. You can insert a link to an individual file, or insert an unordered list of links to all files on the page with a single click. CKEditor Link Files Adds a menu to CKEditor to allow the quick insertion of links to files on the page being edited. Features Hover a menu item to see the "Description" of the corresponding f
  4. File Info A textformatter module for ProcessWire. The module can add information to local Pagefile links in two ways: As extra markup before, within or after the link As data attributes on the link (handy if you want to use a Javascript tooltip library, for instance) Screenshots Module config Example of output Installation Install the File Info module. Add the textformatter to one or more CKEditor fields. Configuration Add markup action (and general) Select "Add markup to links" Select the Pagefile attributes that will be
  5. I got tired of having to open the link dialog in CKEditor in order to check where a link is pointing to, so made this simple plugin. Link Hover A plugin for CKEditor. Shows the href attribute of a link in a tooltip when the link is hovered. This saves you from having to open the link dialog in order to check where a link points to. Installation This readme assumes installation in ProcessWire CMS. The plugin folder must be named "linkhover" – if necessary, rename the folder to remove the "-master" suffix added by GitHub. Copy the "linkhover" folder to /site/modules/
  6. I've set the ProcessPageEditLink module to ensure that external links are nofollow and target is _blank. Below is an image showing those settings. This works PERFECTLY for links that I add in via the editor, but the problem is that when I toggle editor to "source code" and add in links that way, it won't default to making the external links nofollow and target _blank. It only works when I put the link in via the link button in the editor. The reason this is a bit of an issue is that most affiliate links (which is exactly what you would want to apply this to) are usually given by the com
  7. Hello, Pleased to meet you,my name is Csaba and I'm from Hungary. I've just installed processwire to more places. I created new parent and children pages. The children page links are not displayed on the right side of the parent pages. The sample About page is ok, Child page example 1 and Child page example 2 links are visible and live. But my child pages are not displayed on the parent pages. Please help!
  8. Is it possible in the ProcessPageEditLink to define multiple classes as a group. I've tried to add more the one class to a line but this breaks things. Only single classes on a line seem to work. Using a css framework like Bootstrap it would be good to be able to create a class check box for example for the combined classes: btn btn-success btn-sm.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a problem with a member site where I put a link in CKEditor field thatshould go to a users profile page. The profile page is a site with one urlSegment, that contains the name of the user from the admin. The structure looks like this: -profiles --username (urlSegment) -some page (CKEditor field with a link to /profiles/username) -admin (PW admin area) --users ---username (user profile) So "some page" has a CKEditor field with a link to a profile page. Now the problem is, that this link source is always changed to the admin path and not the profiles (with ur
  10. Hello Fellow forum members. I wanted to share two links to a guide and a cheatsheet concerning Crontab and Cronjobs. This is a result of me doing some research in how Cronjobs work and how to use it and i thought i share for other beginners use. So the guide that got me started and is a good reference is: A Comprehensive Crash Course Into Cronjobs (sitepoint) And also i found this sort of cheatsheet and database of cronjob configurations handy: Corntab - the Crontab GUI I hope these tips can help any beginners like myself get up and running with cronjobs.
  11. I’m searching for a proper solution for the following problem: My client has a lot of pages with internal links. We do not use CK Editor but a standard textarea with Markdown and some Hanna Code. We even have a Hanna Code for internal links, like so [[link id="42" text="Some internal page"]] Anyway. My client does not want to have broken internal links, so he asked me either "Before I delete a page, it would be nice to know if this page is linked from any other page within the system." or "Is there a link checker/crawler module, which detects broken internal links
  12. Most (all?) links made to individual replies/posts before the forum upgrade no longer work correctly in the new forum. This is frustrating because you have to hunt around for the actual reply that was referenced and reduces the usefulness of all the older posts that supply solutions to problems by linking to a specific reply. It seems like this should be possible to fix. Compare these two links to the same post, from the old forum and new forum: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3474-admin-custom-pages-module/page-5#entry56657 https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3474-admin-custo
  13. Hi, for a download area i wanna use a repeater field with a text field (description of that download) and a file field (the download file). The repeater field is "downloads" and it contains the fields "body_part_1" and "download_files". When i use this: <div class="uk-grid"> <?php foreach($page->downloads as $download): ?> <div class="uk-width-4-6"> <?php echo $download->body_part_1; ?> </div> <div class="uk-width-2-6"> <?php $file = $download->download_files; if($file) echo "<a class='download-links' href='$file->ur
  14. Hello everyone, I have posted about this issue before and didn't get any answers, i think it's because i didn't explain properly what my problem was. I'll try to explain as detailed as possible, as i think this case might help others with the same situation. I have setup a site with custom made templates and multi-language support. I'm using a single tree approach with multi language features: Multi-LanguageUrls, Fields and also static translation. So far, everything is good. In my website i have a Home Page that serves as the welcome page. In it, you have a welcome message and two links
  15. Greets Right, so I'm nearly done with my first PW site, and now need to move it to a testing server, which uses a different domain. (Sure, this question could apply to moving a site from dev to production too...) The move was successful, but the "View" tab/button (dependant on the admin theme - hehe) links to the old domain... Didn't realise that the domain would be hard coded into each DB entry... The rest of PW uses a relative approach. How could I change this? (Or have I done something really silly, which I doubt?)
  16. On my site I am using the code from this post https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5082-default-language-per-domain-language-switcher-not-working/ All homepages look fine and return the corresponding translation. But all links are still pointing to the default host not the one I am currently visiting. Is there any way I can strip out the host or let PW know to use the host the user is on?
  17. I'm building a template for a one page website and have run into a small problem with the admin view page links. Because my site is built with content blocks rather than pages there is no header and footer for each block, only the homepage needs to pull in the header and footer for the site. As a result clicking to view a page in the admin shows the page content but with zero styling. This is obviously not ideal for clients so I'd like to find a better solution. Here's a rough idea of the site structure: Home (header & footer) Page 1 Content Block 1
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