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  1. @kongondo hey, i know you're busy and probably haven't had time, just wanted to know if you found a solution to this yet. Thanks so much
  2. @kongondo thanks so much for your quick response. Newish to the forums, but been a processwire devoted user for YEARS! Excited to see what this module can do.
  3. trying this out for the first time. I get this error every time i try to add my first site. Am i doing something wrong? "Error saving admin account"
  4. So is there anyway to get Inputfield Dependencies to work with front-end editing? the field is there, but it isn't showing the results I need based on the field selection it's dependent on.
  5. So, I've tried looking through here and Can't seem to find it. I'm trying to create a situation in the admin where: I have a page reference InputField. When the user chooses one of those pages, from the dropdown, a new Page reference drop down pops up with that pages children in it. I know how to do the "show only if..." thing, but How did I make it dynamically pull in a pages children? Thanks
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