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  1. you showd 4 pageArrays.but what is value $page->author->id ? 1117, 1120 or mebe some thing else ? or go back .-.-.- why load.all author when u only.need 1 ? <?= $page->author->title ?> @Boost
  2. @update AG any js.erroros when reloado w/browser dev tools opens ? u try v.1.1.6 ? admins theme uikit ? willyc
  3. @Cybermano inlines style from copypasta or.tinymce makes them ?
  4. @Hackasacka u.uses custom json config settings there is 1 in module confedigurations screens and is an other in field.setting screen
  5. but a couple of modules that do fiddle around with user rights ( Admin Restrict Branch and Page Edit Per User). u.try disabble theese mods ( temproraley) to.see if is it?
  6. ga beer -- u.try this in home.php ? if ( $input->urlSegment1 === 'files' ) wire404();
  7. Art bot, Databass selector and.WireArray selector diffnt things and not do same thing .this is the way one.is airplane / other is tractor WireArray selector for any.things in memory : fields : templates : fieldgroupos : smogashsnags : ur own tipos : and if necessario - pages in memory { b.coz PageArray extendo WireArray } but u shlud use airplane for.pages not tractor WireArray selectors = genral purpoose for any things u can hold in WireArray in mem. ,, tractor Databass selector == more power ful and optimizely justed for.pages ,, airplane !!! if u using WireArray selector for |find|filter| pages then you are loaded pages u should not / not necessario / not fficent / donut push pages round in.tractor fly, $willyc
  8. bern hard, https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/meta/ $bern_hards_datas = $page->meta()->getArray(); love $willy
  9. art fulbot, usea that select-options field type.if you not want pages fer select opts. thats blog tut.very olden days, they are was not select-options type then {{ but I still like to uses pages most times }} for comment donut use pages 4 comments install ProcessCommentsManger module in Modules>Core>Process edit.comment field .. clicka Input tab .. choose "yes" for "use comment manger rather then in-page editor" for findning comment use comments find() methoda n.joy youwill or ask more love, $willy
  10. not security hole files .in /site/assets/cache/HannaCode not web access-ible so no need to die()
  11. donut worry. this.is stupid scam emails by kids playings on moms computer https://udo.net.au/The-We-Have-Hacked-Your-Website-Email-Scam~5776
  12. @Matzn that not.how obj inheritennce work { .clsses inherit code not runs time valus } class A{public $foo;} class B extends A{} $a=new A(); $a->foo='Foo'; $b=new B(); echo $a->foo; // 'Foo' echo $b->foo; // emptys.. nothing modules work.same { .mabe.u want this in you TestModuleChild ? } >>> public function __construct(){ $this->setArray($this->modules->getConfig('TestModule')); }
  13. @Siddhi Jagtap u.file perms is no write. /site/assets/* need tobe readerable/writedable to.apache sound like apache .run as account that.not you - mabe find new web host that less truble or u.can find out.user what apache run as - "apache", "nobody", "buldnog", etc. if user "apache": https://processwire.com/docs/security/file-permissions/#determining-what-user-apache-runs-as chgrp -R apache /site/assets find /site/assets -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \; find /site/assets -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \; https://processwire.com/docs/security/file-permissions/#how-to-change-permissions-of-existing-files but also visitarlos cont'la lachpud may helper - https://processwire.com/docs/security/file-permissions/
  14. Bern hard u.can does $wire->addHook('/mymodule/{foo}/{bar}(/{baz})?/', function($e) { return "<pre> foo: $e->foo bar: $e->bar baz: $e->baz "; }); @ bern berna hard @ @bernhard
  15. how.abt u use $cache 2 do jus do it. 1once per hour ? echo $cache->get('topic-count', 3600, function() use($topics) { $str = ''; $strategy = pages()->get("template=genre, name=strategy"); foreach($topics as $topic) { $count = pages()->count("template=game, genre=$strategy, topic=$topic"); $str .= "<li>$topic->title: $count games</li>"; } return $str; }); also.2 make faster u better should uses "id" not name, so "topics" no 'topics.name' and "genre" not genre.name etc. othrwis pw have to look those up for u (?) every time of foreach @rjgamer
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