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  1. Problem was solved! Apperantly my host ( strato.de ) added some new bullshit option called "PHP Boost", description of which is "PHP codebase cache, up to 110% speed benefit by PHP scripts execution". Turning it off solves the problem, this "feauture" was not annaounced in any way, and when adding it they've turned it on by default. I Have no idea what exectly it does ( theres is no significant spped difference felt, suerly no 110 % ) and how it works but appereantly it breaks more complicated scripts than "echo $imAWebDeveloper; ". Anyways, im glad that problem is solved and the reason is found and i hope this topic will be useful for other ProcessWire users by the same host. Thanks for your time and support. Cheers...
  2. Haha, I do have some exprience with web deveploment, i meant that its the same hosting account, i have a bunch of directories on this hosting account to which diffrent domains point( www.site1.com -> is hosted at /site1/, www.site2.com at /site2/ and so on, same server ). Im playing now with the limited php settings that i have control over ( version and some php extensions ) because its clearly a PHP problem, if nothing helps til monday I'll contact the Hosting company. Thank you very much for your time.
  3. After some more tests i figured out that the error occours only when trying to load PHP scripts ( ie. mitko.php sometimes throws error, but mitko.html dosent ), i have control of the php version used, will it make any diffrence degrading from 5.5 to 5.4 ? ( Again im for over a month with 5.5 and experienced no issues til today )
  4. If you want to take a look at the phpinfo data its accseeable trough http://www.post-aus-wolgast.de/mitko.php , agian not always, i cant seem to figure out when and how the error occurs, sometime it all works fine and the minute after its broken for some time, a real mistery for me.
  5. Thank you very much for your answer, I did the following test, i alredy tried before completley removing .htaccess ( ie. renaming it), at first i thought there is no error but after a few reloads the errors accours agian ( even more strangley, sometimes the page is served partially always til the same point somewhere in the middle of the footer but all that follows is not there ie scripts and closings, refresh seems to solve it or bring an error ). I've uploaded a fresh copy oe the wire/ directory and index.php ( overwritten old files, I'll try now first deleting the exsiting and then uploading ). Did also 'REPAIR tables' trought phpMyAdmin - status was ok by all tables but the error still occours. Tried now your suggest with a plain php file containg only <? phpinfo(); ?> no luck there, error occours even when accessing the file directly, which leads me to the idea that it must be a server error. But other websites that i have on the same host ( diffrent directories and domains but same host ) seem to work just fine, also the fact that the problem occured just out of the blue is also strange.
  6. Hello, A site I've build using ProcessWire run for more than an year flawlessly, including a 2.4 upgrade a month ago. Since today its giving me random 500 Server errors, i can't seem to find the cause - nothing is logged into ProcessWire logs and i have no access to the Apache ones ( it's Saturday today, i guess i can contact the Host on Monday ). The thing is that those errors are completely random, site loads OK for a few minutes and then is completely unreachable ( including backdoor ) for fairly long periods of time ( 15-30 min ). Tried to play with .htaccess but can't really find the cause ( and the randomness doesn't help either ). I have changed nothing in code or database the last few weeks and I'm just wondering if it could be resulted from some kind of hacker attack, or maybe its a problem with my host ( the site is hosted on Strato.de, pretty big and known German host ). The website address is http://www.post-aus-wolgast.de. Has anyone experienced similar issues, or has any idea where this failure comes from ? Thanks for your support.
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