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  1. This seems great. About a year ago I left PW to retake the WordPress route. I really love PW but I am a designer and I found myself spending more and more time around code, not just HTML or CSS, but PHP and JS, which is interesting to just a certain amount for me. I even developed some kind of blocks using repeater fields but I am no developer, at all, and it was messy. In WP you can find, as you all know, all sorts of builders and plugins and services, so you can be a web designer and create almost anything barely touching any code. But then you find something that should be easy, for example a grid of custom post with custom fields, and it becomes rather comples and/or expensive. Then I miss PW so much, all things pages, so easy. Please dont consider this comment another rant PW vs WP, just a bit my background, I hope useful in this thread. I think a module like this could greatly expand PW user base (don´t know if this is needed) beyond what I think is mostly developer users.
  2. But $slider is not a field in the block template, just a php variable in the template code. I'd need then a new checkbox field in the slider type block just for this.
  3. Anyway, it can be done in the render page with: foreach ($page->blocks as $block) { if (in_array($block->template->id, ['77','79'])) { $slider = true; } echo $block->render(); } So the blocks (using pageable field) with templates 77 and 79, for example, set the variable and it can be used in he appended _main.php file. But it seemed more logical to define it in the block itself.
  4. But I wanted quite the opposite, I mean: 1) The rendered page is a block containing a slider (block-slider), so I declare a variable here, like $slider = true. 2) The render page ("basic-page" for example) renders that page/block 3) I'm using markup regions and in the _main.php file: $slider = true, so it outputs the necessary scripts and styles for the slider to work Thought it was a good way to optimize page load speed, to only use the scripts/stylesheets needed for each type of rendered block. But I misunderstood how point 2) is actually working.
  5. Your way seems better to me ? thanks. Curiously using "page list" as input field type shows all pages tree, using a "select" shows only users.
  6. I think I found the solution. Edited the admin template to allow editor role to view it.
  7. Hello, I've created an "editor" role and there is a template (blog post page) with a page reference field where it should be able to choose an user (post author) but it seems it doesn't have access: "You don't have access to list page /alambre/access/users/" What permission should I add to the editor role? Already added view/edit in user template. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello there, I'm using a pagetable field with several templates and render(), it's possible to pass a variable? for example: - file "block" where: $slider = true - basic-page: $block->render() - _main: if ($slider == true) { slider scripts and css } (but $slider doesn't exists and throws an error, as I understand render() just outputs the html markup) Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Alejandro.
  9. Yes, I upgraded to the latest version. Anyway, I've changed it to repeater field with image + page reference fields, so problem solved.
  10. Hello, I'm having the Select button disappearing, so I can't select anything. Is there a fix for this issue? I'm using last version of the module. Thanks!
  11. So much to learn... even searching the documentation ?‍♂️
  12. ? ? Well, I've just recently installed it, but I need to sit and learn to use it. It seems it's going to be of great help.
  13. Thank you both. I like solution #3 ? $session->order = array_merge ($session->order, ['price' => 50]); I didn't know about "setFor", didn't found in docs or cheatsheet. And, what's? bd($session->shop); The array_merge works without it
  14. Hello, after creating an array and assigning it to a variable in session: $order = array (); $order['token'] = 'token'; $order['product'] = 'product-name'; $session->order = $order; I try to insert another item: $session->order['price'] = 'price'; But it doesn't work: Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property ProcessWire\Session::$order has no effect in... Isn't possible to modify such session variable? I could build another array from the session variable, add the new item, and then store it again in session, but doesn't looks good. Thanks!
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