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  1. alejandro

    Yes, I upgraded to the latest version. Anyway, I've changed it to repeater field with image + page reference fields, so problem solved.
  2. alejandro

    Hello, I'm having the Select button disappearing, so I can't select anything. Is there a fix for this issue? I'm using last version of the module. Thanks!
  3. alejandro

    already tested!
  4. alejandro

    So much to learn... even searching the documentation
  5. alejandro

    Well, I've just recently installed it, but I need to sit and learn to use it. It seems it's going to be of great help.
  6. alejandro

    Thank you both. I like solution #3 $session->order = array_merge ($session->order, ['price' => 50]); I didn't know about "setFor", didn't found in docs or cheatsheet. And, what's? bd($session->shop); The array_merge works without it
  7. Hello, after creating an array and assigning it to a variable in session: $order = array (); $order['token'] = 'token'; $order['product'] = 'product-name'; $session->order = $order; I try to insert another item: $session->order['price'] = 'price'; But it doesn't work: Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property ProcessWire\Session::$order has no effect in... Isn't possible to modify such session variable? I could build another array from the session variable, add the new item, and then store it again in session, but doesn't looks good. Thanks!
  8. alejandro

    Well, I found a solution, duplicate mystyles.js file (or whatever name), change the name and use it for the conflicting field.
  9. alejandro

    Hello. Now it´s happening again with other field. I really don't find how to show the custom styles... It´s enabled for other fields and working.
  10. alejandro

    Yes, it's been fixed indeed, it works. Thanks.
  11. alejandro

    Hello, would you mind to point how to do this, I get this very same error. Thanks.
  12. alejandro

    Finally I found it. It seems a conflict with the module Image Extra, which I installed previously, once uninstalled the animated gif is uploaded without problem.
  13. alejandro

    Well there is something weird going on, I tested the same file in another site, same version 3.0.25, (even animated gif module not installed) and it worked perfectly. Same setup for the image field in both sites.
  14. alejandro

    Version 3.0.25, and I already installed that module. The thumbnail is ok but it's not saved, ...
  15. alejandro

    Hello, I can´t upload an animated gif into an image field, when using "Choose file" or dropping the file onto the field it keeps spinning but doesn´t finish, and when saving the page it's not uploaded. Any idea why? Thanks in advance, Alejandro.