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Case Study: The triumph of National Geographic Traveller India in Processwire


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Pete, I reckon all what you have stated are the reasons why so many of us have gravitated to Processwire. 

I did a bit of scouting before we ended with Processwire.

The search was for light, fast systems [coming from Joomla, WP, Drupal that was necessary] as we had enough problems building large sites with those CMS. And what I read and saw about PW here was promising. We started with one programmer who was briefed to experiment with it and within a week he was going ga ga over PW. We then took it forward to the entire team. Now, we have 10 of them working on Processwire, on various projects. 

PW is the choice CMS at Pigtail Pundits, replacing WordPress and the occasional Drupal project.

It has given the team here new energy and fresh possibilities and that's remarkable in itself. May it continue in absolute abundance, for PW, and for the entire community behind this remarkable system.

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Could you please tell a bit about the backend part of the site. Is it custom-made or just uses default theme and modules only? How did you manage user roles and permissions, are there any workflow decisions implemented? Screenshots would be appreciated if possible.

Just want to read more and more about this case from such an elegant storyteller.

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Ivan, always happy to oblige:-)

The backend is not customized. It uses the Modesta Theme which we felt was a tad better than the default. We were under tight time pressures to launch the site and decided to skip any backend customization.

For the time being, permissions are just for backend admin - web, magazine editorial. There was an idea we had mooted with roles for users who submit photos, but because of the launch deadline, we have deferred that bit for Phase 2. 

I am appending a screenshot of the backend, just to show you what we have done.

The Block-System that you see, is for organizing the Home Page content. It has 3 regions [left, middle, right], very similar to Drupal's regions, in the template. Within each region, post excerpts can be added by the admin for control of the Home Page content.

Magazines and Web Editorial, are organized by month.


Trust that answers your questions.

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Sorry to say that this website shouldn't be in Sites anymore.

I was looking for an example to give to a newcomer on the ProcessWire Forums and, feeling something was different and/or by habit, have just looked at the source code...

I'll perhaps look for an automated way to find other websites like this one in Sites.
I had done it to check if websites' urls were still valid as I had found that a few weren't anymore.

It reminds me of the CMS Critic case.

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5 hours ago, Pete said:

Looks like they're on Wordpress now? ?

PageSpeed Score: F (26%)
YSlow Score: E (57%)
Fully Loaded Time: 15.2s

https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.natgeotraveller.in/wmXqm1ep ?

Confirmed is WP !! PW should look like this:

PageSpeed Score: A (90%)
YSlow Score: A (94%)
Fully Loaded Time: 0.9s

https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.processwire.com/ntrLTyL8 ?

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On 8/13/2018 at 10:17 AM, Pete said:

Looks like they're on Wordpress now? ?

Same reasons as CMS Critic probably...

People don't like spending money on developers these days. You can just install a plugin... That's why the internet is full of Frankenstein websites. 

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