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Looking to create a photoblog

Kevin C. McCarthy

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Greetings PW Community,

A long time ago I was using Pixelpost as my go-to photoblogging script. It had limitations, but it was good for what it was: a PHP script to allow me to post one photo per day. It's been nearly 7 years since it was updated and as I'm looking to get back into photoblogging, I'm wondering how I can accomplish the same tasks but ultimately even better with Processwire. The biggest appeal to me is the ability to go above and beyond what Pixelpost provided, and with my very limited PHP knowledge, this is a huge plus. I've attached a screenshot of the back-end for reference, but I basically want to create a page, when posting for the day, allows me to have all (or most) of those options.

The main site had the ability to load the latest post as it's homepage, as well as cycle completely around, back and front, with navigation buttons. It also allowed EXIF data to be extruded and displayed in the description. If you would like to see what it came out like, you can check it out in it's current (though neglected) form here.

My first goal is simply, to the best of my ability, duplicate the old site's function. And then, as I figure that out, expand it outward with various other features that I'm planning such as uploading more than one image at a time (so there'd be this "halo" image that you can click around and see other shots--maybe up to 10--that I took on a particular trip). Eventually, expanding to adding locked-down galleries for photography clients.

Does anyone have a way that might be easy to digest as to how I can accomplish this?

I'm already thinking fields for (at least how I'd name them) "photoblog_img", "photoblog_img_title", "photoblog_img_desc", "photoblog_img_tag" (not sure how tags would work), "photoblog_img_cat" at the very least. I'm not sure how I'd handle comments or EXIF data or date/future posting.

Thank you!


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If there will only ever be exactly one image per page, then page = image and image = page, certainly on image pages (there may be 'About Me' type pages as well). If that is the case, you could simplify your naming conventions a little.

Much of the functionality you need can be found in the PW core and a couple of modules. Check out http://modules.processwire.com/modules/image-exif/ and http://modules.processwire.com/modules/image-extra/, as a starting point.

Do some experimenting, and come back with any questions.

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