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UiKit Slideshow is Here !


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6 hours ago, flydev said:

their doc

Tutorials are not just a bunch of examples ;) I expect a – good – tutorial to be more than what is written in the docs, some extra info on how to wire things together, and possible gotchas to look after and how to iron them out.

Sure, the UIkit docs are good but there is no guidance on where to put those components in a real site, for example. Also, what I'm really missing is the explanation of the design approach of the SASS/LESS structure (eg. how changing a variable will propagate through the components, etc..). They assume one already knows all this stuff. That is where a tutorial could come in handy :)

BTW, I have not yet found any tutorials but I already published a site based on UIkit 3. Still, I am also interested reading/watching them if they exist.

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