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16 hours ago, adrian said:

I haven't tried this theme yet, but I am assuming the issue is that the save button is floating? Wouldn't that put it on top of input fields sometimes meaning that you need to scroll to see everything? Sorry if I am not picturing how it works.

Anyway, if that's the case and you are planning on keeping that behavior, then I can add a class to the body like you suggest - let me know. One thing to note of course is that Tracy can sometimes have many bars down there - sometimes, the regular, a couple of redirects, plus three ajax bars. The number of ajax bars is also configurable so someone could potentially choose to show more than that - I just wonder if this will make positioning tricky? 

@adrian the save button in this theme is actually at a fixed position in bottom right corner of the screen (the save button on the top is hidden). So tracy is overlapping the button when open. If you could set a class when tracy is open or enabled, I could position the button differently. The open panels seem to open with a margin to the bottom, so the button is still visible when a panel is open...

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@jploch - can you try the attached version please.

Sounds strange, but it's actually a bit more complicated than expected just because there are a few ways that the bar can be enabled / disabled / hidden. I think I might have them all taken care of, but would be good if you could help test. Thanks.

BTW, the class I added to body is: has-tracy-debugbar


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if you want to use this theme together with the Tracy debugger module. Tracy has an option now to change the position of the bar to the left side:

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