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  1. I was thinking about something like $rm->createFile("/path/to/your/dest/file.php", "/path/to/your/source/file.php");
  2. That's nice! It could be useful to allow adding not only template files, but any files (like my views) to make it complete. A basis for scaffolding feature development as well.
  3. Most of the time I do not have anything in template file other than the namespace too as I use it as a controller. And unlike Wireframe I do need this file to avoid error, so this is not useless addition.
  4. Cool, @bernhard! Could you share a use case from your workflow? It is clear a template file is not enough. Are you populating it with some code automagically?
  5. I didn't hear anything about forum integrations lately. Doesn't seem that anything ready-made exist, By the way, Flarum 1.0 was recently released.
  6. Cool! Looks like we gotta gave a theme switcher module.
  7. Cool thing, @bernhard! It is clear you put a lot of effort and talent into this. Thanks for sharing with the community! I think it would be great to have an example to understand, which modifications are possible and how to implement them. If you have something that could be shared, please do.
  8. Just another option to consider. You can add additional fields to the user template. Or use a custom template for users.
  9. The deletion of a field is a complex action. It involves checking all the templates that have them, and making user confirm his intent to prevent data loss. In fact, you rarely have to delete lots of fields. But if you have to and want to dig a little deeper, you can speed up things doing it with the api from the cli. Maybe using something fancy like RockMigrations. But that is advanced stuff. I would not recommend it for beginners. For now I guess you need to figure out how the basic functionality works.
  10. Look at repeaters and Mystique first. And ProFields if you need more.
  11. Yep. Remember loading those on a ZX Spectrum from a tape recorder and playing on a black and white TV screen. Greetings to you, my fellow oldfags)))
  12. Good day, @Clarityand welcome to the forums! You necroposting in this ancient thread brought up the pleasant memories of times when there was more random chat here, involving forum gurus and Ryan himself. Nowadays we all seem to be much busier. But I sometimes find time to play with my son. It is some stupid arcade so not worth mentioning next to something as epic as X-com or Jagged Alliance. On a sidenote. X-com was the game that made me learn English better. Those times few games were translated, so I had to spend time with a dictionary to find out what that yellow pixelated thing I collected from an alien corpse really is)))
  13. Cool! This thing that you and @bernhard are working on is something many of us are waiting. And it is in line with the plans we've been discussing in the beginning of the year. Great to see them become reality. Another nice thing I spotted looking through the commit log is the ability to define a custom folder for Creditor plugins. In fact there are a lot of things worth mentioning in this log recently, that does not make it to the blog posts or these announcements. In some of his weekly issues @teppo goes through the github commits in detail. I personally really enjoy it.
  14. Forum looks cool after the update. Thanks, @Pete! But the topic titles in the list (and probably other stuff) became smaller and my 4 eyes are having trouble seeing 'em. Is it possible to scale fonts up a bit?
  15. I guess it is namespace related. Try adding ProcessWire namespace in you Hanna codes.
  16. I am not aware of such a field. Go with Page Reference. It is not really an overhead - you really need to store data somewhere, so why not in pages? And if working in PW you use pages as "everything is a page"), remember ))
  17. Hi, @esspea! I might be that the install.php script does not get deleted (due to file permissions issues probably). If so delete this file manually.
  18. @adrian, @teppo, thanks to both of you. I think I spotted the problem. There is the Page Edit Per User module installed on the same project that causes errors in some cases. I manages to get Admin Restrict Branch Select to work. But I now face another less mysterious problem with frontend editing. It is available only for the branch that is currently selected. So when I switch from Branch A to Branch B in admin, Branch A is no longer editable on the frontend. It must be the way the module is intended to work. But is there a way to make the Page List in admin show only the currently selected branch, but keep the edit permissions to all of the selected branches? I think that even seems to be more expected from the user point of view, so maybe a might be a good improvement for the module)))
  19. Thanks for the tips, @adrian! My setting is User Specified Branch Parent, as it is on your screenshot. I am visiting /admin/page/. Didn't know I could even link to a specific branch via URL. I did everything to clear the cache if that could affect it somehow, but with no luck. Still getting this error.
  20. Thanks, the module now installs from the directory as it should. But I must be missing something while configuring it. I assign two branches to a user, then login and get this error: AdminRestrictBranch: You don't have permission to view this branch of the page tree. I was thinking that the module will redirect the user after login to a branch he has access to. But this doesn't happen. Could you please suggest am I missing or misconfiguring something?
  21. Good day, @teppo! I am having trouble installing the module from the modules directory. I am getting this error: ProcessModuleInstall: File could not be downloaded (https://github.com/teppokoivula/AdminRestrictBranchSelect/archive/master.zip) 404 Not Found: (tried: curl) Could you please check, if the download URL is correct.
  22. Good day and once again thanks for the great module! Is it possible to use ckeditor as an inputfield for text? I am trying to create a readmore hannacode and need to provide a rich text input for the content to be only partly shown.
  23. This module is exactly what I need on a current project. And did need on a number in the past, but had to cope without. Thanks, Teppo!
  24. Sorry to ressurect this old topic. But I've got the same problem. For now I am fine going to Setup -> Sessions as @horst suggested in his original post. But it doesn't seem to work. I visit this page, but sessions do not get deleted (as I can see in PhpMyAdmin). There is no button to clear old sessions either. Is it some bug on my side, or the sessions are not supposed to get deleted in this case?
  25. Good day, @ryan! I'm in! As for now I always used Repeater Matrix for content builders as @Jonathan Lahijani, my first approach would be to develop additional features on that side first. So lots of us already using this pro module could do it even better. I started a topic in Repeater Matrix forum to gather wishes you could help us with. Everyone else interested, please contribute!
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