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  1. Great news you're working with Repeater/Repeater Matrix once again, @ryan! This new enhancement is superb and in line with the community requests in the Making Repeater Matrix better suitable for content building umbrella topic, specifically with @Zeka's 1st one in this post. Thank you! This is also a quite requested feature, so eagerly waiting on it! Could you please consider adding the ability to override the default mechanism of adding new items, so we could build a nicer UI for it if needed, as described here. Thanx in advance))
  2. I don't))) I just read "Have a more robust and portable and setup where I can spawn vps's with a click" and it sounds like proxmox. I am happy with my shared hosting for PW sites) Actually I do not see a need for a dedicated VPS for a site in most cases. Why not put all those sites in one VM with LAMP installed and create new ones copying virtual host configs? You have you backup and everything else in shell scripts or ansible plays. And this way you are not locking yourself in any proprietary thing you try to avoid.
  3. Hey @joe_g. You could take a look at proxmox - the open source classics. If you want to go with containers and Kubernetes, there are things like rancher.
  4. I was talking about Ryan. He is the one looking after the core (and everything really). Just wrote that post to let him know I am thankful he does.
  5. Great to see those core things evolving. Someone has to look after them. And we all know who that is))
  6. @elabxPretty nice, actually) There are issues, but I am getting my way around them)
  7. Understood. To make dealing with this particular case easier, do you think we add parameters to ___pageNotAvailableInLanguage() method which defines what page the redirect will lead to and what http code will it be. Or do you suggest to replace the whole method in this case?
  8. Great job @ryan! I am really interested in this: While you're at it, could we make this behavior hookable, so it is possible to choose to redirect not to the default, but rather to the other language available? Right now the languages getDefault() method is not hookable, so we would have to replace the whole ___pageNotAvailableInLanguage(). I guess making getDefault() hookable would solve this (and many similar demands in other places). What do you think? P.S. Making publishing page in default language not mandatory would be even better, but this is a larger request)
  9. Ok, I am getting deeper) I figured out I need to turn off No debug bar in... -> Form Builder Iframe in Tracy's config. That fixed it! And it seems that we do not even need the X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest header for that. But I am actually having another issue with my implementation. Which I am not sure sure is Tracy related, but maybe you could help me anyway) I am Initiating a page reload with js (document.location.reload();) after certain data was returned (on successful form submission). Is there a way to pass Tracy debug data in this case to the final page? I already coped temporarily turning the redirect off, but would like to know if I could do it in case that was impossible.
  10. Thanks both of you! That was my thought too. I did it (adding ajax-header) last nigh with no success. Checked it today - I am pretty sure it doesn't help. X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest header is being sent, but bd() in the FormBuilder hook defined in ready.php still doesn't show.
  11. Good day, @adrian! Let me first of all once again thank you for Tracy Debugger. It made the development with PW a whole new thing. Even more pleasant and powerful. You get so used to it that if it doesn't work somewhere you feel lost. That's what happened to me. I am using htmx js library. It makes xhr requests to the server, receives html and swapes some part of the page with the part of the received document making it feel dynamic. I am using it to make Form Builder forms embedded with method C submit without page reload. I got hooks on several methods of Form Builder. And I put bd's there. But when htmx runs, Tracy doesn't show those dumps. Why could this be happening and how to fix it? I really need Tracy's magic to debug it)) P.S. Hooks on Page::render for the pages loaded with htmx work, so it is not like nothing is working.
  12. Ok, I think I did a str_replace: str_replace('\n', '<br>', $string); And added a thumbs up for your issue)
  13. Good day! I think about moving some development away from localhost to a remote dev machine. It is password protected, so noone will see the Tracy Debugger bar. And I want to show it for guest users too, like I can do on localhost. Is there a way to do it?
  14. Use single quotes + sprintf. That's what I did. Read the docs about placeholders.
  15. Maybe there is some textformatter applied to the text field you are inserting you image into? Check this field's settings on the Details tab.
  16. Maybe there is a way to fill it with get params? Maybe there is a way to do it in PW for standard forms already?
  17. Hey, @charger! I just faced the same problem recently. You can make it work like you expect by using single quotes like this: $out = __('It\'s time for you \nto get to the party.'); Though I would love to see it work with double quotes too)
  18. Like I've got a resave action or some other action I need to run on a certain pages selected with, well, a selector field. The selector is the same, but each time I run it I need to re-enter it again and again. And I do run this for a couple of sets of options. That's where savable option sets or bookmarks would come handy.
  19. @adrian and @Pete! Do you think we should transform this thread into a dedicated sub-forum like the one for tracy debugger? There are 10 pages now. And the questions are really diverse due to the nature of the module. This move could also make us think more about sharable actions.
  20. Good day, @adrian! I am using this super module more and more. I tend to create some general actions, but have a few repeating settings I use over and over again. I would love to make them available to the clients as well. But I do not think that creating copies of action is a good way. I was thinking about savable options set. Something like bookmarks for lister. What do you think about this?
  21. As always, as soon as you write a post you find a solution) I did turn on $config->debug and figured out it was related with PW not being able to set session as headers already sent. That was my test output before the inclusion of the ProcessWire index.php in the bootsrap script. Cannot output anything before you include it. The issue persists.
  22. I got the same error. But my error seems to be coming from one of the modules. At least commenting out this string in the ProcessWire::ready() makes it work // $this->fuel->get('modules')->triggerReady(); Does anyone know how do to deal with this? I am disabling site modules one by one to figure out, which one is causing trouble, but without success so far. Is there a way to quickly find out the root of the problem? Maybe there is a way to disable modules while bootstrapping (but it might not be such a good idea, as they can add functionality that is supposed to work when running bootstrapped scripts). Any help appreciated))
  23. That's intriguing! Waiting to see how it will turn out. Are we going to have some sort of middleware ??
  24. Yep, it's a pity that such a treasury of knowledge does not have a good search. I think nobody, who has been here for more than a couple of months, searches anything but restricted areas with the built-in search. Everybody uses google CSE of their own or the one in Tracy Debugger. So upgrading in this area would be just awesome. In-built google search would be perfect, as it has all the clever logic, but it wouldn't work for pro modules sections and other restricted areas. If choosing our own search engine I would suggest to take a look at Sphinx search, as it could be easier to setup, than Elastic.
  25. I need to have at least 4 Image select inputfields (and the number will probably grow), so I want to put them in Combo not to create too many fields. Actual storage (Image field) for now has to be outside of Combo. Do I was hoping to use Select images inputfield to choose image urls from that Image field storage, and store them inside Combo subfield.
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