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Use shopping cart with existing Processwire website (prestashop)

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Hello everyone,

I just made a website and created the cms using Processwire. It was really great to set up and I can configure it just the way I want it which is perfect. Now this site has 1 main product to sell in 4 colors. My question now is, how do I create a checkout for the visitors with easy payment such as Paypal and iDeal (I live in holland). 

I'm not to familiair with PHP to create a whole checkout form which is save enough and with a data system for all the customers myself. So I thought I would only use the shopping cart and catalog function of Prestashop. But how exactly can I set that up?

I was thinking about permalinks. So that customers on my site can select the product and how many they want and after that they get linked right to the checkout page from Prestashop with the exact price and that they only have to fill in their info.

Do you guys have suggestions on this?

Kind regards,


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Hi Bearclaw, great you enjoyed working with Processwire.....as was to be expected..... ;)

Is the shopmodule that is available something for you: Shop-for_Processwire ?

There is also  a paypal module available to it.

I'm in the Netherlands as well, so if you need help with Ideal integration after installing shop software (no matter which), just let me know. W've done it before.

But you could also use Mollie, which integrates lots of different payment options including Paypal and Ideal, what is even easier.


@Diogo   HE, didn't know Simplecart. Looks indeed easy. Going to test it in the near future. Thanks.   :)

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Has been discussed before, simplecart is a client side shopping cart

and is there for not recommended !

It is easy to change the payment providers and change prices of simpleCart(js) items before checkout.

This is a known security flaw that exists with ALL javascript shopping carts.

Anything using client side scripting will end up being hacked.

You will have to add the help of a server side system to verify the order's content
from malicious manipulation and pass it to any payment processing party,
or simply send it by email. This way of working should be avoided.

Just google simplecart.js

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Apeisa has made a great shopping cart module but if you miss anything in it´s backend

I recommend to use opencart because internally opencart is very similar as processwire

and has the same freedom in how the front end looks.

Opencart has a very easy to understand and very easy to use backend for a shop owner

and end user.

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foxycart allows you to use your own cart and then use their checkout page; you do it by adding all of the products in your 'pre cart' to the foxycart cart and redirect to checkout; so this would imply that you use the shop-for-processwire and on the cart page and then modify it to be a form that submits to FC when clicking the checkout button; or you can just use the default foxycart;

for prestashop, you might run your prestashop in a subdomain like shop.domain.com and then have links to the product pages from processwire; it's awkward to do it this way nowadays, but you still see it, where companies have their main site, and then a dedicated shop site. Seems like overkill though for what you're setting up..

snipcart also looks really cool and is ahead of FC with respect to responsive design

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Thanks for all the replies but what I really want is that the customers on my site can select which products they want + the amount. And when they select the 'pay with ideal' button I want them to be redirected to the payment section from prestashop. Does anybody know how to do this or has experience doing this?

Kind regards, 


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