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  1. Hi Robin, Thank you very much. Works perfectly! My forum search didn't result in that post unfortunately. With regards, Reems
  2. Hi, I want to use the build in API functions for pagination in a Dutch site. One of those is "getPaginationString", resulting in a text like "My page 1 to 10 from 100". I would like to have the words "to" and "from" in Dutch, but without changing the function in the Wire files. But I can't see how. I have language support in the admin backend and found this text in the language files there, but those don't work on the frontend of course. Anyone an idea? Thanks, Reems
  3. Hi, The present comment module makes it possible to add comments to a page. Is there a simple way to tweak the system to make it possible to add comments to a repeater field? I have multiple (of course) repeater fields on a page and I want to make it possible that every repeater field has it's own comments and comment form. Thanks. Reems
  4. Hi, I have a strange issue. I use the ImageExtraLanguage Field in different templates on different pages. In the admin the images can be dragged to sort. But on one page the new order is saved correctly, but on another page not. After saving that page, the images are reloaded in the original order. I have no idea what causes this behavior. Only thing is that on the page where the order is not saved, there are more then 100 images, on the other pages where the new order is saved correctly the number of images is max 15. But I can't imagine that this is realy the cause. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have strange behavior with the standard imagefield resize. I use in a template the following: $options = array( 'quality' => 100, 'upscaling' => false ); $img = $image->width(900,$options); My client has some images uploaded that are 1920 pixels width and one is 374 kB. After downsizing to a width of 900 the quality is much worse then experienced with other uploaded images while the original was oke. But the most strange is that the downsized image is now 522kB instead of 374 kB. Another goes from 211kb to 291kB. While afcourse we expected a much lesser filesize. Any ideas how this can happen and what to do about it? Maybe putting in some extra options? Thanks.
  6. Maybe you could look here for u simple plug and play solution: http://codecanyon.net/category/php-scripts/calendars Lots of simple calendar scripts, not free but for only a couple of dollars. I'm almost sure you find here a solution which you could incorporate in a template or module.
  7. My opinion? I think PW is already very userfriendly seeing the clear API and it's possibilities and the freedom in creating templates etc. Afcourse you have to have at least a basic understanding of PHP (that's where I was when I started with PW). If you really need a top of the bill user friendly cms and don't want to learn PHP, then PW is maybe just not the right cms for you. For the ones as me that start with PW and are willing to learn a (little) bit more PHP to really enjoy all the possibilities of PW indeed a central place with more snippets would be an idea. But, on the other hand, reading through the forum, posting questions and googling when I had a problem helped me I think more in learning then having a maybe to easy big copy and paste snippets library. I'm still struggling frequently but that's then more with PHP then with PW and I still enjoy the learning involved.
  8. First of all Joss. I am also not an artist, but I wish I was the kind of "not an artist" as you are, seeing your new website design . It is really great. I'm curious to the animations. I agree with MuchDev that your problem is maybe caused by pure html/jquery problems as open divs etc. But the only way to check this properly is to look not at the templates with all the php and includes inside but to the generated page and its source. Could you post that one or do you have it online?
  9. It seems that my problem has something to do with the sitemapXML Module I use. When I rename the page the sitemap in the site itself is in, to something different then "sitemap", the problem disapears. The German sitemap was on domainname/de/sitemap/. That's different from the sitemap.xml in the root of the site (from the module), so that German sitemap did not give any problems. Does anybody has an idea or experienced the same problems. I prefer to name the sitemap in the site itself also "sitemap", so a solution is still needed. Thanks.
  10. I suppose you use the Multi language module and LanguageSupportFields. To have another language as default then English, I did a couple things to get it properly working: It depends also if you want your backend also in your default language or only the frontend. 1. Go to Setup - Languages and upload your default language files (in your case Arabic) to the default language if you want the backend also in Arabic. 2. Change the title of the default language, in your case to "Arabic". 3. Add in your case English as extra language and name it "en" 4. Go to Acces - Users - Guest and set the language to "Arabic" In this solution visitors access pages first without /ar/ for the Arabic version and with /en/ if they want the English version. As I recall you have to be carefull changing the default language. You can loose texts on pages you already added. Check also this post: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5062-switch-default-language-possible/page-2
  11. Hi, I have unexpected strange behaviour in just one page (the sitemap) in a multilanguage site. The sitemap workes fine in both languages (Dutch and German), but on the Dutch page the footer has gone. All other pages of the site give no problem whatsoever. Without changing anything in the scripts or templates I now get in the Dutch sitemap the following error: Fatal error: Exception: Method Page::localPath does not exist or is not callable in this context (in /home/travelinlu/domains/travelinluxury.nl/public_html/wire/core/Wire.php line 320) in /home/travelinlu/domains/travelinluxury.nl/public_html/index.php on line 216 For every page I include the same header and footer templates.In the footer template I use the following: $urlde = $page->localPath("de"); $urlnl = $page->localPath("nl"); <a href='<?php print $urlnl ?>'>NEDERLANDS</a></br> <a href='<?php print $urlde ?>'>DEUTSCH</a></br> Anyone an idea what is happening?
  12. Thanks Sinnut You were right! Just overlooked that one (and never used it).
  13. Hi, Are more people experiencing problems with "View New Content" in this forum? Since a couple of days, but only when I am logged in, I only get a message "no new content". No matter what I choose, "content I've not read, ""since my last visit", "past 24 hours", etc. Any choice delivers that message. I tried different browsers, cleared cache, but is allways the same.
  14. Been following this discussion with interest, but... In a case like this I simply had a template with both layouts in it, in your case the grid and the list in separate divs, and just showed and hide the divs with jquery. Worked perfect. But, maybe I am missing something and I am still too much of a noob for this ....Just curious....why don't you choose for a situation like this not just two pages? 1. the gridpage with a gridtemplate and in the admin all the data 2. a second empty listpage with a listtemplate. At the backend you leave the listpage empty. And in the listtemplate you just load the data of the gridpage. Then a simple pagelink to the other page in both templates. What am I missing here?
  15. Ha Kongondo, you are afcourse right. It's already late here . I shall edit my post. Thanks.
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