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Experiences with building (payed) membership Sites?


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i currently evaluating differen systems for building a page to sell video courses and other payed membership content. 

So you would get some free content after the registration and you can switch the account to a payed membership to read articles, watch videos and so on.
There should be also content that is deliverd after X amount of days (which i think is not a problem with pw)

As a Processwire fan , it would be cool to build it with PW, but on the downside PW has no ready to go membershipsystem with payment for all in germany common payment forms.
On the other side there a plenty of plugins for wordpress exactly for this need. 

So i'm asking if someone has already experiences with this stuff and can help a little to evaluate the effort it takes. 
Can someone recomment a payment service that works well with PW? - so i quess a service that is builded to work with PHP in genereal.


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Some ProcessWire developers already use Snipcart: https://snipcart.com/list-ecommerce-payment-gateways

I am also developing a site with eCommerce capabilities, but I have not yet reached the stage of dealing with Snipcart, currently I'm building the basics (database and some templates, etc...).

Snipcart supports Authorize.Net which I need and use in other non ProcessWire sites, but it also supports "European merchants" listing Paymill and Mollie. I do not know how reliable the latter two services are, but Authorize.Net is solid.

And Snipcart is not only a payment provider but a lot more, so I expect that I will be able to cut down on development time considerably.

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