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  1. Hey @tpr, How do you setup a page that returns just json response without the base layout template markup? I know we can set $view->json_encode = true but the template markup is also encoded, how do we avoid this? Thanks for your help in advanced!
  2. You're the man!!! benggg....problem solved
  3. My previous setup is not using this module and seems to be working ok (I am pretty sure I am just missing something here) This is my previous setup: I have `@base.latte` file which contains the default markup then on my `Contact Page` (where I want this page have to have a sidebar) I have the following markup: `Contact.latte` file: {extends '@layout.sidebar.latte'} {block side_navigation} {include $config->paths->templates . 'views/components/_globals/side-navigation/contact.latte'} {/block} {block content} ....My content {/block} `@layout.sidebar.latte`file: {extends '@base.latte'} {block body} {var $fixed = in_array($page->template, array("Contact", "Size-Guide", "Product-Information"))} <main class="component component--main-content" id="content"> <div class="component__wrapper"> <div class="main-content"> <div class="main-content__wrapper"> <div class="main-content__col main-content__col--sidebar {if $fixed}main-content__col--sidebar-fixed{/if}"> {block side_navigation}{/block} </div> <div class="main-content__col main-content__col--body"> {include content} </div> </div> </div> </div> </main> {/block} This works with my previous setup. Hopefully @tpr can help a bit with his knowledge of this templating engine Cheers
  4. Hi @tpr, Have a question here (more like a Latte question rather than module question): I have my default base layout called @layout.latte which is a base template for almost all of my pages but I also want to have another layout template that does have a sidebar. How do I setup this up in such a way I only declare my base HTML file once? Using {extends} or {layout} directive seems to replace the whole template file? or am I missing something here?
  5. Hey @tpr, Thanks for your effort with this module! I haven't use this module and still stuck with the old way of setting up the latte template engine. Hopefully I got a chance to use your module moving forward. Thanks!
  6. Been waiting for you to release this as I personally use Latte in one of the project. Thank you!
  7. Hi Luc, I find out what the issue is, I installed your module alongside with WireMail for css inline etc. So, I uninstalled that module and this works like a charm! Thank you! Cheers
  8. but I thought send() method of wireMail is looking for MTA? no? are we using wireMail or WireMail? this is completely different question though
  9. Hmmm....interesting, So I don't need to install sendmail/exim/postfix etc? I tried that before but no luck....maybe I have a look again closely
  10. Hi Luc, I know what the issue is but I dont know how to solve it and it probably has nothing to do with your module anyway. The issue is the module sends the email using the underlying MTA in my linux box in this case sendmail. Sendmail somehow use the box IP address instead of the IP address of the domain assigned in my mailgun account. I dont really understand how to force sendmail to use mailgun ip address and have been trying here and there but no luck whatsoever. So, in the end I decided to install exim4 and use smtp settings which works ok. Maybe, I play around with it in the future to resolve this. If anyone here has unix experience with sendmail can point to the direction, really appreciate it.
  11. Hi Luc, I am not sure if you can help me with this but I'll try anyway...I am using this module to send transaction email for my online store but I am not sure if I got this setup correctly. So my issue is: the email from mailgun is sent straight to spam and after looking into it, there is no mailed-by/sent-by (which I reckon is the issue it went to spam) in the email header. However when I tested it manually using the curl command (as per example here: https://documentation.mailgun.com/quickstart-sending.html#send-via-smtp) on the server (digital ocean) server, it went ok (not being sent to spam). I also notice when using the curl command the IP address from which the email was sent is Mailgun's IP Address (refer to the details below) but when using this module the IP address is the IP address of the digital ocean ubuntu box. I am not sure which one it should be, but I reckon it should be the IP address of the box and not the mailgun API IP address? I know this is probably not related to your module direcly but if you can help and potentially point me to the right direction, I really appreciate it. Thank you in advanced! Mailgun Details State: Active IP Address: SMTP Hostname: smtp.mailgun.org API Base URL: https://api.mailgun.net/v3/v2.weareheim.co
  12. I am building a site using Latte now using your helpers drop-in method, really curious to see how the template framework coming along (it will be great if you early release it so most of us can test it) HAHA... Great work!
  13. Hi all, I just wanted to find out how Processwire developers manages their templates and components/partials these days. Are you guys using spex/twig/template data providers or just plain processwire setup? Below is my setup: - Using Spex which can be found here: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/spex/ - partials/components are stored within these folders /site/templates/partials (Spex design by default) - there are options to set different base using using Spex - templates are built by outputting these partials/components - the rest of the setup is easier to read from Spex readme file rather than me trying to explain in it here. - php short tags whenever possible. Here are some screenshots: So far so good with Spex setup and I quiet like it however, Spex has not been updated for quiet sometime now and not sure if this module is going to support version PW version 3 moving forward. In the past, I've used Twig template engine (http://modules.processwire.com/modules/template-engine-twig/) created by wanze but not really compatible with Procache module which is a deal breaker for me but it works really well if you don't need Procache support. I understand the same topics have been brought up couple of times in the past (feel free to close this down if required) but I thought I brought up the same discussion again to get some new and cool ideas how to manage templates to make your life easier as Processwire developers. Many thanks!
  14. This is pretty slick! Cant wait to test it out
  15. Hi Nico, Thanks for this module! Love it much I think I may have found a conflicting issue when this module is installed along side with ProcessBackup (DB Backup module). There is an error when you try to view the Database Backup detail and I believe it may be caused by the following line: $editedPage = wire('pages')->get($this->config->input->get->id); The SEO module kicks in when trying to view the database backup page because there is a querystring id in the url. setup/db-backups/info/?id=0:dev.cc26012015-01.sql The fix is pretty simple: public function ready() { // backend hooks if(@$this->page->process == 'ProcessPageEdit') { $editedPage = wire('pages')->get($this->config->input->get->id); if(in_array($editedPage->template->name, $this->includeTemplates)) { $this->addHookAfter("ProcessPageEdit::buildFormContent", $this, 'hookCustomizeSeoTab'); } } // frontend hooks if($this->page->template != 'admin' && in_array($this->page->template->name, $this->includeTemplates)) { $this->addHookProperty("Page::seo", $this, 'hookFrontendPage'); $this->addHookProperty("Config::seo", $this, 'hookFrontendConfig'); } } Check the ProcessEditPage first before look for the edited page object. But anyway, I thought I let you know Thanks much again!
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