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  1. Hi, i currently evaluating differen systems for building a page to sell video courses and other payed membership content. So you would get some free content after the registration and you can switch the account to a payed membership to read articles, watch videos and so on. There should be also content that is deliverd after X amount of days (which i think is not a problem with pw) As a Processwire fan , it would be cool to build it with PW, but on the downside PW has no ready to go membershipsystem with payment for all in germany common payment forms. On the other side there a plenty of plugins for wordpress exactly for this need. So i'm asking if someone has already experiences with this stuff and can help a little to evaluate the effort it takes. Can someone recomment a payment service that works well with PW? - so i quess a service that is builded to work with PHP in genereal.
  2. 3.0.52 is missing in this list https://github.com/processwire/processwire/releases thanks! i will try this
  3. Hi, i looked at github but i was not able to find the Version 3.0.52 of processwire. Where do i get specific old versions? I need this for debugging a big Problem Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, i have the same issue Session: Unable to install module 'FormHelperExtra': SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'fhStorage' for key 'name' this happend on my second attempt to install FormHelperExtra. On the first atempt i got the following error: "Unable to install module 'FormHelperExtra': Can't save page 0: /fhstorage/: It has no parent assigned" PW Version: 2.7.2 Php Version: 5.5.9 Here's the phpinfo() output of my localmachine where it happend (i just changed the project name) http://jsbin.com/yatexeguku/edit?output for "fhStorage" search, i have this entries in my database: PS: i just have tried to guess what's wrong. i have not build any processwire module untill yet, but might it be possible that you whant to request the admin page, to create the fhStorage page, but it's not requestable with get('/admin') ? becouse my admin page has the name "processwire":
  5. Here's what solved the problem for me. Left page original settings of the auto generated publish fields, right page are my modification of the settings. no more "hh" and "ss" strings and the page scheduling works now so maybe for some reasons time formating options that need to be choosen was missed by the auto generated post_from/post_until fields, which i did'nt touched since creation.
  6. I have the following issue, with PW 2.7.2 and the current SchedulePages Version: when using the datepicker, it outputs "hh" and "ss" string, which ovisously causes errors, when one publishes the page
  7. will ProField Repeater Matrix be available for PW 2.7 or 3?
  8. LostKobrakai, this solutuin fitts my needs well, thank you verry much! i have some little issues. Images are requested like this <img class="image_picker_image" src="/site/templates/ImageSelect/3.jpg"> which will not work for me for two reasons 1. my page is in a subfolder currently e.g. www.awesome.com/nice/site/.... which is not reflected by the url 2. when one liked to use several versions of the field, it could be a little akward, becouse all images are in one directory level, so i would end up keeping track of which id'S are already used by other fields. i suggest to put images in a subfolder with the name of the field, e.g. site/templates/ImageSelect/coolFieldName/1.jpg and so on.
  9. Hi, i'm asking myself, if it's possible to have an editor, who's usable for people without markdown knowlege, but saves the WYSIWYG stuff in markdown format. For instance one marks the text "Lorem Ipsum", chooses H2 in a dropdown and the text is displayed for him as H2, but the sourcecode in the background is ##Lorem Ipsum , which gets saved and outputed per markdown module. i fiddled a around with the markdown input formating and CKEditor as Input, until i learned that markdown will only format the output someone already tryed to do so?
  10. thank you verry much guys! i will try this stuff - should be added to the modules section of the pw page, if someone is looking for something like this to =)
  11. i just got the same error, so the problem seems still persist. any solution? (PW Blog Profile from Ryan with some template mods and additonal modules, that i liked to export) SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'pages_id' in 'where clause'
  12. short story: think of a radio button mechanic in the background, but ui-wise you present images with captions as "buttons". for instance i whant to be able to let admins change some visual themes of a single page, with different background and formating for each, i could place screenshots thumbs with a short caption. so the admins are able to se a preview image and know better what this setting does. therefore it would be needed to define images for an input field, during the field creation. maybe someone likes the idea and is able to do it?
  13. thank's a lot SiNNuT ! also it would be even nicer just reference tag names instead of ID's, i'm happy that it's doable like descriped on the post behind your helpfull link ))
  14. Thank you for the hint.awesome stuff! But It seems the missing importPagesCSV is still needed: Any news about this Ryan?
  15. Hi everyone, i've build the recommended setup for processwire to work with tags, which means i have a page tree "Tags" and this page tree hold several title-only pages, each represents a tag. for the gallery items i like to tag, i've build a template with an categories field of the type "page", this template will be used by every item to hold the tags. the field is "free tagging" field, so it would create the tag-pages autmaticly. now i need to import a csv file and this is where i have a problem: when i'm using "the import pages by csv" module, i am not able to select the category field as csv target. the tags column of my csv holds comma separated words as tag, so the schema looks like this: PICTURE NAME | TAGS ---------------------------------- Some title | birds, unicorns, kittens Another title | hearts, stars, pie so i need to be able to select a page reference field as target for the TAGS column of the csv, and for every comma separated word i need to create a page tag automaticly and add this tag to the gallery item i hope it's understandable what i like to do, otherwise feel free to let me explain it again
  16. hi, do you guys use some special deployment tools or do use interesting workflows for deployment you like to talk about? actually i do it the olfd fashioned way: i'm developing on a local xampp and when i'm finished i upload the ftp-data to the webspace and import the database manualy with phpmyadmin. but i like to evolve my workflow to a more flexibel deployment process. for instance it woud be nice to develope on my local xampp but to be able to syncronize to a dev.cooldomain.com website all my ftp and mysql data with a button click. i also like the idea to syncronize with an php-tool between two seperate folders and database on the webserver the live and the dev. version of a site, to test new things and show them to people etc.
  17. Chris

    learning php

    php cheatsheet http://overapi.com/php/ nice live search: http://dochub.io/#php/
  18. i like this: https://github.com/ryhan/fixie it has an option to fill all empty tags with placeholder content (images to) - so it's nice to write templates and at the processwire codes later.
  19. thank you! ajax - my guideline was this little tutorial: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/225-how-to-work-with-ajax-driven-content-in-processwire/ php - and maybe you will find something usefull here to learn php: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2994-learning-php/
  20. hi, thank you matthew for your feedback. yes it's intentional. i regocnized that a low of people are pointing there cursor on things the are reading. my idea was just to do some hightlighting for the sake of "prettiness". but your feedback let's me think about it, if it's a maybe a bad decission, because of the learned usabillity pattern that things who are reacting to the mouse having a function...
  21. nice topic. http://musicforprogramming.net/ "A series of mixes intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity (also compatible with other activities)." i actually hearing no music when working, or any music i'm listening to regulary - but i need to know the songs well. new stuff woud be distracting.
  22. thank you, i did it with the pw repeater fields
  23. you are right - i'll change it tommorow (and btw, i will change the order of the two footer columns for the mobile-view)
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