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  1. hi there! after playing a bit with pw, i decided to choose my own new website as a first project to test it. im realy happy with it and i will use it as my number 1 choice for my own clients in the future. the first time working with an cms i've got not the feeling that i need to "fight" against it. i was realy suprised how easy it is to use ajax with pw, which i did for my references page, i'm still looking for an easy to implement url/hashbang ajax-solution - this is something i will add in the future to the site. a little blog will follow:) http://chrisvaupel.de constructive critics are welcome PS: it's a small site, but i bought procache and formbuilder, becouse i was curious and wanted to give a little bit of money support - anyway, i just like to say that booth are working realy well
  2. Chris

    learning php

    codecademy recently started an interactive php course for beginners. http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/php looks good so far. i was not sure if it fit's the "getting started" section of the forums, but maybe it's an interesting hint some people. maybe someone has links to add.
  3. the preview seems not to show parts of the site template that are included with include_once. it's easy fixable with changing include_once to include. i just like to leave this as a sidenote, if someone got the same issues like me ( no header.inc/footer.inc ) thank you for this nice plugin. it's realy something customers like to use and know from other systems.
  4. i just like to say a big THANK YOU GUYS i'm realy happy that my little wish got this huge reaction and i'm more than happy that it got real! pw motivated me a lot to dive into php and i hope i can give someday a littlebit back to the community (extensions , etc.)
  5. thank you, realy good stuff to get better with this great editor.
  6. thank you a lot. that will be very usefull to know in the future. i don't understand all of the page-list code that you linked on github, but it's good see that i'm able to understand some parts of it:) verry cool to have the chance to use the gaining api knowledge for backend modifications to.
  7. right, i was looking for a search/filter options like this: THE AWESOME SPECIAL NEEDS PIZZA SEARCH SITE Your City [_ Townname_____] Exclude pizza services that don't sell [ ] cheese pizza [ x ] chocolate pizza [ x ] sharkmeat pizza Your genter (for our creedy marketing management) ( • ) Male ( ) Female ------------------------------------------- KLICK HERE TO SEE RESULTS | ------------------------------------------- but, when it's possible to do with the PW api, my question is answered..thank you verry much:) - maybe i need somethin like this in the future and then i will know which filter and search options i exactly need to look for
  8. i've seen that there is something for "template name" in the api a general question: does the backed work similar like the fronted concerning the pw api, or is the backend complete native php? when the api is usable for the backend to, it shout be possible to do something with the "template name" function.
  9. Please read the following before looking on the big picture ) Here's an idea i got, while experimenting with PW: A lot of cool icon fonts are avaible, on the other hand the page system of pw can be used verry flexible. why not bring these together to improve customized backend usabillity, version a (more complicated to build, i guess): when creating a template you choose the icon of your choice for this kind of content. in the page tree, based on the template that you've choosen for every page, the pages uses an little icon. version b (i guess, maybe simpler): based on the choosen template, the page <a> get's a css class with the name of the template. so you need to attache an custom css in the backend that styles your page list with icons using the :before/:after css-technics, i've seen that each page list item already get's a unique class, but it doesn't look like every page list item gets an class/id based on the used template. i think version b of my idea is nicer, and would bring up more flexibilty so style the page tree, additionaly to the icon solution. however, i did a dirty mockup of version a for better illustration. what do you guys think about the draft? writing something like this myself with php would be a realy big and scary task at the moment, since i'm a young padawan, but maybe some of the jeddai masters like it? <- i did an mistake..on the mockup i mean with "<-*click* a click on the picture symbol, not the pencil >.< EDIT: another "sourcecode mockup" to illustrate what would be cool the get with version b of the draft, so page list items get automatic an template name based icon , styleable with div.basic-page:before { content: "a"; } div.sitemap-template:before { content: "k"; } link with more infos about the css part etc,
  10. first of all, i like to thank you guys for all your great informations and linked references it seems PW is realy what i was looking for. i hope i have the chance to use it for a small website of a customer in the next week (challenge accepted [x]) otherwise i will build my new portfolio with it, containing some contentpages, references and a blog. so there will be some tasks to get my hands dirty:) according to your informations, i think the text on the demo description page needs to be changed. it's a littlebit confusing when there is no download :- there is no need to feel bad, im just the new guy in the classroom and a littlebit shy but the class seems to be verry friendly, so all is going well it's cool to see what people do with PW, to get a glimpse on whats it's capable of. is it possible to show the comment count, like on your strategies website, natively with PW ? i didn't liked this either. i have the feeling that their is a huge potential, during the work with PW, to create some reusable snippets. so i don't have to write everytime a gallery new, for instance ..will need some time to figure out best practices and a good workflow, but that's always the rule of the game , your statements confirming my impressions i got from twitter these days. I will keep an eye on ModX, but work with PW
  11. hi everyone:) i stumpled across ProcessWire on my way to learn ModX. It draws my attention because of it's fast backend, and the chance for me to connect it with my big wish to learn php (atm i know just very basic stuff :- ). PW seems to enable me to use some php-funktions with an easier layer on top of it. so, i can be productive at the beginning here are some questions, that i came up with at my exploration of the PW-wonderland in the last days: search: afaik there is the possibility to integrate a search function to the website. is it possible to combine a searchfield with checkbox filters to search and filter pages in a specific branche of the page tree? blogging: it's possible to build a tag-cloud for a blogging sections with PW. this hole filter possiblities-thing is somewhat unclear for me atm comments-module: the comments containing a name and an e-mail field, but i like to extend it with a "twitter" and "your website" field. is this possible without a lot of complicated "core hacking" ? forms: from what i have understand, it's possible to create a front-end form that collects data for the content of a page. are ther possibilities to get form entries per mail with csv-file attached or csv-styled text inside? demo page: maybe i've just overlooked it, but i was not able to find the skyscraper siteprofil on the download page. i realy like to have a look at it, to learn from the api usage there. does someone have experience with forums and newslettersystems, that go well along with PW ?(same userbase/passwords) (i hope my english was understandable, since i normaly don't write a lot in english myself. but i'm able to perfectly read and understand it). greetings, chris EDIT: a questions to the modx users in this his forum: is PW now your primary cms and modx a fallback for some special usecases? - PW made me desinterested to learn modx, but maybe i miss something
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