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  1. You can also use wirecache or markupcache to remedy possible performance issues.
  2. Will this do the trick? https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/activate-all-languages/
  3. Just skimming this thread quickly but wanted to point to the html5 boilerplate htaccess which has some pretty robust stuff for supressing/forcing www and https. These have always worked for me on a variety of hosts. https://github.com/h5bp/server-configs-apache/blob/master/dist/.htaccess
  4. I don't want to sound too defensive here but PW gets a pretty decent amount of usage, from 'simple' sites to things quite more complex. If it were to break down often after performing common actions i don't think it would still have such a sizable following. In fact, i would say that PW is pretty damn stable. I understand that the admin becoming inaccessible is a frustrating and undesired experience but is has been addressed in more recent versions. I think you're a little quick in doubting the quality of PW's development.
  5. I could have sworn that i've once seen something like this floating around the forum. I think it was a textformatter that autmates toc and is used on the PW sites for blog posts and such. Can't find it though
  6. I'm not quite clear what you mean but maybe these are some solutions: (first) child redirect: here and here (menu) item that links to another page: here
  7. @AndZyk Compass and Autoprefixer don't do exactly the same thing.
  8. QGIS, a really great and capable free, open-source gis software. Plugins available to make some quick and easy webmaps. Inkscape, definitely not flawless but as far as free vector graphics progs go, it is hard to beat.
  9. @szabesz , moved to Dev Talk as suggested
  10. SiNNuT

    Padloper showcase

    Nice site MuchDev. Only checked it out on smartphone and noticed a couple things: - there is a small horizontal scroll on the site - the cart is a bit off with margins/padding, stuff coming up to the edges etc. - when adding some items the cart counter in the menu does not update Unfortunately i can't do screenshots atm but it might be worth checking things out on smartphone / small screens. Used an xperia z, chrome and android 5.1.1
  11. As horst explained a lot (most?) of modules will work just fine on, even if compatibility is not yet explicitly listed. But most of all: a lot of new stuff and upgrades have gone into PW3, starting from https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.20-and-surprise-processwire-3.0-alpha-1/ and basically every following blog post.
  12. You can probably find enough on xdebug with Google. It's a debugger/profiler for PHP and not unique to ProcessWire. Reading this thread will give enough info i guess. If you don't use xdebug you can turn it off altogether or adjust the setting LostKobrakai mentioned in php.ini
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