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  1. Another framework from China:
  2. You posted the correct link, but Adrian missed it
  3. ...aaand another new version: I assume it is still blocked by this, should probably fire up Tracy and do more digging:
  4. Note that the Flot library listed here is essentially orphaned. Pure D3 sounds like a solid choice. I really like where this thread has gone so far I hope I can make use of this and buy bernhard dozens of drinks in the future (his liver better be made of steel).
  5. See my previous comments regarding Leaflet 1.2.0. It needs some scripts included separately now, but there is still some mystery to be solved in the case of "single marker in map".
  6. I found this to be a great approach for using Grid today: One caveat is that you naturally can't use "grid in grid" for navigation layout etc..
  7. Another missing script (when I checked the JS console): <script src=""></script> Now the markers appear in a map with multiple markers, but not in maps with a single marker. The console shows no error. Edit: I added a watcher to line 57 in MarkupLeafletMap.js (this.addMarker = function(lat, lng, url, title, extra) {) and stepped forward. The marker variable stayed blank.
  8. Turns out I had to add this script: <script src=""></script> Now the maps appear. Yet, the markers do not.
  9. With the newest module version, PW 3, Leaflet 1.2, I get this: jQuery.Deferred exception: L.tileLayer.provider is not a function jsMarkupLeafletMap Did they change something again?
  10. Ok, apparently slowest response to an email ever (3 years), but Microsoft has confirmed they are working on getting their Grid implementation updated in Edge.
  11. Now all major browsers except Edge ship with Grid Layout support. You can let Microsoft know you want it by voting in Uservoice. The votes do matter:
  12. If the details are not covered by an NDA, maybe you could share them publicly in this very topic
  13. Ping @benbyf - see the above discussion about your Subscribers module.
  14. Still with InnoDB, I tried with BCE. It only created 3660 pages out of 35k. I wonder why that is and if it's related to the "Connection to server lost" behavior.