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  1. Check that you are loading jQuery in the frontend.
  2. Nothing integrates with PW, so you have to do the work 🙂 Use Flarum, if you want a Discourse-like experience, but with PHP. phpBB is still kicking and they use Symfony now. A new default theme is being built. Vanilla is actively developed as well. If you want to use Node.js, there is NodeBB. If you want blazing speed, you can use AsmBB. SimpleMachines and MyBB have grown stale, development is super slow.
  3. Beluga


    There is a cool hack for getting immunity safely. It is called a vaccine.
  4. A bit confused - your examples seem to support my own philosophy of keeping things simple and avoiding bells and whistles such as autoplaying carousels?? Carousels were exactly the shiny thing that people were applying ten years ago without thinking. The Cambrian explosion of jQuery plugins etc... Customers care about sites not being assaults to their senses. This is an accessibility issue as well like I mentioned and can very well land people in trouble in the future. I also find it weird that you would categorise the work of researchers like Nielsen Norman Group as "group-think" (or is it just the "Group" in the name as a trigger? :)).
  5. The main page has three carousels, which are autoplaying to make it worse and one of them you can even interact with. The big image section at the top of the page The quotes section below it (can't interact) The collections section Related quote as I was just researching a different topic (SVGs): I think the main source of confusion and why people do not interact with carousels much is the typical "meatball" navigation, which is not intuitive. I am planning to implement a non-autoplaying carousel for a site and I will probably replace the mystery meatballs simply with descriptive text elements so you know what will happen on click. @cb2004 I put some trust into professional UX research groups as I do not have the resources to conduct this science myself.
  6. Site looks nice, BUT: "Should I use a carousel?"
  7. Yep, IRC is still alive 🙂 For a few months I have been testing this next generation bouncer: https://github.com/kiwiirc/kiwibnc It is starting to reach beta quality. The web client that comes with it (optionally) is very modern. Other modern setups that give you message history: https://github.com/Nordaaker/convos/ https://github.com/thelounge/thelounge
  8. Composer only allows it, if the current folder is not empty. Check that you do not have any files, even hidden ones, in the folder.
  9. Beluga

    ProcessWire on the web

    @teppo has to interview them for ProcessWire Weekly.
  10. Beluga

    ProcessWire on the web

    Perrrkele. Sehän on hieno:
  11. There is also Flarum, which is somewhat similar to Discourse (which uses Ruby on Rails). Incidentally, phpBB announced a new major release yesterday (3.3). Their next major release (4.0) will feature a new default theme. They use Symfony components now and Twig for templates.
  12. The database will be the bottleneck. Use InnoDB and transactions. Find all items with the text "transaction" on this page: https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-database-p-d-o/ https://processwire.com/blog/posts/using-innodb-with-processwire/ For an example of how they are used, find "transaction" in this: https://github.com/adrianbj/BatchChildEditor/blob/master/BatchChildEditor.module.php (BCE includes the copied supportsTransaction function, so it will work with older PW versions as well)
  13. In the hot topic of "View source", the CKEditor folks recently commented that they will support version 4 until 2023.
  14. The repos say they are unmaintained. For the Python lib they recommend https://github.com/mbloch/mapshaper as an alternative. For the JS lib they recommend https://d3js.org/ for the mapping and https://github.com/topojson/topojson instead of SVG as the data format.
  15. Do you want to keep it strictly backend-only or would you be willing to allow frontend as well?
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