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  1. My first thought was that Ryan is building his own rich text editor, maybe using a toolkit like ProseMirror. Let's keep guessing and maintain the hype 🤪
  2. Eh, and now it is suddenly working without any forgery accusations! I was only fiddling around with php-fpm, trying to make it log errors. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Thanks flydev for your time.
  3. I'll have to look into the error stuff later as I don't have it figured out with Caddy. Here is the beginning of phpinfo with what I think are the interesting bits:
  4. Thanks for the help. USE mydb; TRUNCATE session_login_throttle; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.003 sec) PHP 8.1.2 (cli) (built: Jan 19 2022 17:12:32) (NTS) Copyright (c) The PHP Group Zend Engine v4.1.2, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies with Zend OPcache v8.1.2, Copyright (c), by Zend Technologies [PHP Modules] Core ctype curl date dom exif fileinfo filter gd hash iconv intl json libxml mbstring mysqlnd openssl pcntl pcre PDO pdo_mysql Phar posix readline Reflection session SimpleXML SPL standard tokenizer xml xmlreader xmlwriter Zend OPcache zip zlib [Zend Modules] Zend OPcache Caddy server was reloaded. ● php-fpm.service - The PHP FastCGI Process Manager Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/php-fpm.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: active (running) since Tue 2022-02-08 08:55:17 EET; 4h 16min ago Main PID: 316 (php-fpm) Status: "Processes active: 0, idle: 9, Requests: 138, slow: 0, Traffic: 0req/sec" Tasks: 10 (limit: 4664) Memory: 188.3M CPU: 1min 6.779s CGroup: /system.slice/php-fpm.service ├─ 316 "php-fpm: master process (/etc/php/php-fpm.conf)" ├─ 534 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 535 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 536 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 537 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 538 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 539 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 540 "php-fpm: pool www" ├─ 541 "php-fpm: pool www" └─138176 "php-fpm: pool www" [08-Feb-2022 08:54:19] NOTICE: Terminating ... [08-Feb-2022 08:54:20] NOTICE: exiting, bye-bye! [08-Feb-2022 08:55:17] NOTICE: fpm is running, pid 316 [08-Feb-2022 08:55:17] NOTICE: ready to handle connections [08-Feb-2022 08:55:17] NOTICE: systemd monitor interval set to 10000ms
  5. I upgraded my Arch Linux (from PHP 7.4 era) and manually updated to PW 3.0.184 (including index.php). Now I can't log in. #0 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldForm.module(186): ProcessWire\SessionCSRF->validate() #1 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(417): ProcessWire\InputfieldForm->___processInput(Object(ProcessWire\WireInputData)) #2 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(951): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___processInput', Array) #3 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\InputfieldForm), 'processInput', Array) #4 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/modules/Process/ProcessLogin/ProcessLogin.module(364): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('processInput', Array) #5 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(414): ProcessWire\ProcessLogin->___execute() #6 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(951): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___execute', Array) #7 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\ProcessLogin), 'execute', Array) #8 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/ProcessController.php(337): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('execute', Array) #9 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(414): ProcessWire\ProcessController->___execute() #10 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(951): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___execute', Array) #11 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\ProcessController), 'execute', Array) #12 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/admin.php(160): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('execute', Array) #13 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/controller.php(13): require('/var/www/mysite...') #14 /var/www/mysite/pw/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/admin.php(15): require('/var/www/mysite...') #15 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/TemplateFile.php(327): require('/var/www/mysite...') #16 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(414): ProcessWire\TemplateFile->___render() #17 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(951): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___render', Array) #18 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\TemplateFile), 'render', Array) #19 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/modules/PageRender.module(554): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('render', Array) #20 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(417): ProcessWire\PageRender->___renderPage(Object(ProcessWire\HookEvent)) #21 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(951): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___renderPage', Array) #22 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\PageRender), 'renderPage', Array) #23 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(1059): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('renderPage', Array) #24 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\Page), 'render', Array) #25 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module(225): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('render', Array) #26 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module(171): ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->renderPage(Object(ProcessWire\Page)) #27 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(417): ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->___execute(true) #28 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireHooks.php(951): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___execute', Array) #29 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/Wire.php(485): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\ProcessPageView), 'execute', Array) #30 /var/www/mysite/pw/index.php(55): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('execute', Array) #31 {main} If I add these to site/config.php $config->protectCSRF = false; $config->sessionChallenge = false; $config->sessionFingerprint = false; I get Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class "ProcessWire\WireHttp" not found in /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireShutdown.php:396 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireShutdown.php(581): ProcessWire\WireShutdown->sendFatalHeader() #1 [internal function]: ProcessWire\WireShutdown->shutdown() #2 {main} thrown in /var/www/mysite/pw/wire/core/WireShutdown.php on line 396 What to try next? session.save_path is /tmp php-fpm and Caddy are in use. FileCompiler and session caches have been deleted. Cookies have been cleared. I also had to delete WireMailSmtp module due to Compile Error: Declaration of WireMailSmtp::attachment($filename) must be compatible with WireMail::attachment($value, $filename = '') (line 557 of site/modules/WireMailSmtp/WireMailSmtp.module) but now it keeps haunting me with the same error, if I try to log in with those CSRF config changes.
  6. Here is my Caddy 2 config for a PW site: mysite.fi, www.mysite.fi { encode gzip tls my@email.com root * /var/www/mysite/pw file_server php_fastcgi unix//var/run/php-fpm/php-fpm.sock { health_timeout 10000s } @deny_hidden path_regexp /\. @deny_root path_regexp /(CONTRIBUTING|COPYRIGHT|LICENSE|README|htaccess)\.txt @deny_assets path_regexp ^/site(-[^/]+)?/assets/(.*\.php|backups|cache|config|install|logs|sessions) @deny_install path_regexp ^/site(-[^/]+)?/install @deny_config path_regexp ^/(site(-[^/]+)?|wire)/(config(-dev)?|index\.config)\.php @deny_modules path_regexp ^/((site(-[^/]+)?|wire)/modules|wire/core)/.*\.(inc|module|php|tpl) @deny_templates path_regexp ^/(site(-[^/]+)?|wire)/templates(-admin)?/.*\.(inc|html?|php|tpl) rewrite @deny_hidden /denyaccess rewrite @deny_root /denyaccess rewrite @deny_assets /denyaccess rewrite @deny_install /denyaccess rewrite @deny_config /denyaccess rewrite @deny_modules /denyaccess rewrite @deny_templates /denyaccess # global rule try_files {path} {path}/ /index.php?it={path}&{query} log { format single_field common_log output file /var/log/www/access.log { roll_size 50MiB roll_keep 5 roll_keep_for 168h } } }
  7. You can join the channel via #processwire:libera.chat Btw. I posted another IRC news summary: https://www.ilmarilauhakangas.fi/irc_technology_news_from_the_first_half_of_2021/ Remember that Discord free offering is subsidised by venture capital money and that comes with strings attached and is finite.
  8. I wrote an article about IRC tech news (publication was delayed): https://www.ilmarilauhakangas.fi/irc_technology_news_from_the_second_half_of_2020/
  9. I thought this would be a nice job for a PW dev, so decided to advertise it to all of you: https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2021/05/26/tender-to-implement-the-new-tdf-membership-committees-web-based-tooling-202105-01/ Deadline for applications is June 23, 2021. I was not involved in writing the specifications, but I will be reviewing the applications. The spec has some unfortunate language discrimination, but you can ignore it: "we strongly prefer Python/Django or Ruby on Rails over PHP". The spec also has very detailed definitions for database tables and configuration options, but I would treat them as inspiration rather than dogma. Plugging into our single sign on service would preferably be done with SAML 2.0 and fortunately there is a module for that. I have also been in the Membership Committee, so am able to answer questions about how it works.
  10. Check that you are loading jQuery in the frontend.
  11. Nothing integrates with PW, so you have to do the work ? Use Flarum, if you want a Discourse-like experience, but with PHP. phpBB is still kicking and they use Symfony now. A new default theme is being built. Vanilla is actively developed as well. If you want to use Node.js, there is NodeBB. If you want blazing speed, you can use AsmBB. SimpleMachines and MyBB have grown stale, development is super slow.
  12. Beluga


    There is a cool hack for getting immunity safely. It is called a vaccine.
  13. A bit confused - your examples seem to support my own philosophy of keeping things simple and avoiding bells and whistles such as autoplaying carousels?? Carousels were exactly the shiny thing that people were applying ten years ago without thinking. The Cambrian explosion of jQuery plugins etc... Customers care about sites not being assaults to their senses. This is an accessibility issue as well like I mentioned and can very well land people in trouble in the future. I also find it weird that you would categorise the work of researchers like Nielsen Norman Group as "group-think" (or is it just the "Group" in the name as a trigger? :)).
  14. The main page has three carousels, which are autoplaying to make it worse and one of them you can even interact with. The big image section at the top of the page The quotes section below it (can't interact) The collections section Related quote as I was just researching a different topic (SVGs): I think the main source of confusion and why people do not interact with carousels much is the typical "meatball" navigation, which is not intuitive. I am planning to implement a non-autoplaying carousel for a site and I will probably replace the mystery meatballs simply with descriptive text elements so you know what will happen on click. @cb2004 I put some trust into professional UX research groups as I do not have the resources to conduct this science myself.
  15. Site looks nice, BUT: "Should I use a carousel?"
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