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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, i currently evaluating differen systems for building a page to sell video courses and other payed membership content. So you would get some free content after the registration and you can switch the account to a payed membership to read articles, watch videos and so on. There should be also content that is deliverd after X amount of days (which i think is not a problem with pw) As a Processwire fan , it would be cool to build it with PW, but on the downside PW has no ready to go membershipsystem with payment for all in germany common payment forms. On the other side there a plenty of plugins for wordpress exactly for this need. So i'm asking if someone has already experiences with this stuff and can help a little to evaluate the effort it takes. Can someone recomment a payment service that works well with PW? - so i quess a service that is builded to work with PHP in genereal.
  2. I'm working on a project where I've got about 500 members. These members each have their own page with fields that they can edit and others that they can only view, all these member pages are under a parent page (members). Each member's page is bound to the user's profile using a pagefield in the user profile. I would like to have a login form on the sidebar where members log in from the front end and are immediately redirected to their particular page. I plan to use Fredi module to allow them to have front end editing access for their page. I don't want them to access the backend at all. All suggestions welcome. Thank you
  3. I know this has been discussed before and I've read through a lot of those threads over the past few months, but I'm getting myself all confused and have so many bookmarks my brain is at risk of exploding, so bear with me as I ask for some guidance/clarification. I have a site with about 500 members that I'm moving to PW. The old database is so convoluted that I'll be importing them manually, which is no big deal as the client is willing to provide plenty of data entry assistance if I need it Each member will have the basic role of "member" with sub-roles "junior", "senior", "elder", etc Each role will be able to view different parts of the member end of the site. This is all easy for me to set up using access by template rules. Now this is where I'm sweating. I have a feeling it's easy but for some reason I keep confusing myself and probably complicating the whole thing I would like very much to have each member profile be a page with different fields that I can pull into an aggregated members page for public viewing. That's easy enough to do by me just creating the pages. But how do I then have each member be able to edit certain fields on their profile page and nothing else? I don't want them to be able to edit anything else on the site, just their profile page. And this is what is really confusing me - how do I link the profile page to the members site account? Also, if a new (junior) member joins using a form I will create (via Form Builder), I want a new page to be created for that user but remain unpublished until the client approves them . Again, I know the answers are here somewhere, and I'm sure they're really simple but I'm having major mental block at the moment Thanks for the help
  4. I search thru the forum regarding topics of built a membership system. I knew there are no out-of-box membership to plug into PW to make it happen. I have to using PW provided api to create all membership dirty work, front-end stuffs like registration, login,logout, user profile, create user content, non front-end stuffs like session handling, user rights My question is the landing page of these membership functions, registration, login/logout page, user profile page, create content page are to create each of function for a page (associated to a template/template file is necessary) ?
  5. Hi, I need to create a website for my university. *Bilingual:: The website should be made in 2 languages: all the words in the template design will be in both languages. *Membership:: there are 5 different types of users: teachers, research workers, administrative staff members, students and anonymous. *Moodle integration:: teachers should be able to use Moodle from our domain *Blog. Not sure if I can integrate a built-in Blogger blog into Processwire. Or is there a blog feature already in Processwire? *Forum would be a nice addition although I'm not sure if it's possible with Processwire? I think these are the all possible requirements for our website. Please enlighten me if I can choose Processwire to create my website. Is it even possible to do all the above features? Please, even a small input will be greatly appreciated. Welcome, everyone's suggestion. I really like the fact that I can have my own design with PW. Many thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I am in the early evaluation stage for PW. Coming from the Drupal 7 world and not being a software developer but coming from the design-side, these are my main goals for a new project: design ...is everything: The normal webpages need to be as flexible as possible to design whereas is ok in the community area to have a more standard layout. PW is PERFECT for me, Drupal has limits (even with modules), a main reason for my unhappiness (and yes, I know how to make my own templates) Organization:I am making a brochure style Webpage, PW is perfect here. (Drupal plays it's role when having millions of pages, which needs different organizations, like automatic menus, Taxonomy, views. Developing speed. Drupal needs 10000000+ clicks for installation. And for every new project the same mess again. PW can be adapted easily. Membership fun (forums, galleries, friending): Drupal is good, PW has nothing like that E-Commerce: Drupal has unfinished stuff, PW nothing. I don't blame PW for its limitation with membership management and E-Commerce. Those limitation is also a strenght and beauty because PW is not feature-overloaded and easy to handle. (A reason for me to have arrived here!) And there are pefect solutions for that existing already, like the IP_Board and Magento. I am now thinking of combining the specialists in it's fields like PW and IP_Board to have the best of both worlds that would by far more manageable than Drupal with its modules. What about using the fine grained Bulletin Board membership membership management and use this to access users to PW content (and editors and admins to the PW backend). Isn't it easier to write a "bridge" module than adding membership features to PW and trying to re-invent the wheel? The IP_Board has a strong API for authentification. (This site is also using the IP_Board.) Which means that users register and login to the board to have access to PW privileges also (through synchronizing the user base or bypassing the PW auth). That would be perfectly bypassing the PW limit of not having a fine grained frontend user (users level1,2,3) and backend users (editors, admins). (I a same way e-commerce functionality could be added with another auth-"bridge".) Is there something in PW (a module?) I have overlooked that does this already? Otherwise I would like to post this here as a starting point for ideas and discussion. Thanks for reading all this. I am very curious about your opinions. Cheers Carl from Berlin
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