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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am in the early evaluation stage for PW. Coming from the Drupal 7 world and not being a software developer but coming from the design-side, these are my main goals for a new project: design ...is everything: The normal webpages need to be as flexible as possible to design whereas is ok in the community area to have a more standard layout. PW is PERFECT for me, Drupal has limits (even with modules), a main reason for my unhappiness (and yes, I know how to make my own templates) Organization:I am making a brochure style Webpage, PW is perfect here. (Drupal plays it's role when having millions of pages, which needs different organizations, like automatic menus, Taxonomy, views. Developing speed. Drupal needs 10000000+ clicks for installation. And for every new project the same mess again. PW can be adapted easily. Membership fun (forums, galleries, friending): Drupal is good, PW has nothing like that E-Commerce: Drupal has unfinished stuff, PW nothing. I don't blame PW for its limitation with membership management and E-Commerce. Those limitation is also a strenght and beauty because PW is not feature-overloaded and easy to handle. (A reason for me to have arrived here!) And there are pefect solutions for that existing already, like the IP_Board and Magento. I am now thinking of combining the specialists in it's fields like PW and IP_Board to have the best of both worlds that would by far more manageable than Drupal with its modules. What about using the fine grained Bulletin Board membership membership management and use this to access users to PW content (and editors and admins to the PW backend). Isn't it easier to write a "bridge" module than adding membership features to PW and trying to re-invent the wheel? The IP_Board has a strong API for authentification. (This site is also using the IP_Board.) Which means that users register and login to the board to have access to PW privileges also (through synchronizing the user base or bypassing the PW auth). That would be perfectly bypassing the PW limit of not having a fine grained frontend user (users level1,2,3) and backend users (editors, admins). (I a same way e-commerce functionality could be added with another auth-"bridge".) Is there something in PW (a module?) I have overlooked that does this already? Otherwise I would like to post this here as a starting point for ideas and discussion. Thanks for reading all this. I am very curious about your opinions. Cheers Carl from Berlin
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