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Found 4 results

  1. short story: think of a radio button mechanic in the background, but ui-wise you present images with captions as "buttons". for instance i whant to be able to let admins change some visual themes of a single page, with different background and formating for each, i could place screenshots thumbs with a short caption. so the admins are able to se a preview image and know better what this setting does. therefore it would be needed to define images for an input field, during the field creation. maybe someone likes the idea and is able to do it?
  2. Hello, this feature wish came up while I was working on my first bigger project with ProcessWire. While almost all of the CMS is very well thought out there was one thing that always kept me thinking "where should I put this?": simple page actions. What I mean is code snippets that belong to a page and should be run when a certain action is taken. E.g. when a user submits the form on my contact page (that has the contact template) I somewhere have to validate the form and then send it somewhere. So far I see two options to do that. Write a module that hooks into some methods and checks if the post data is set and if the page is my contact page This aproach is clean but it's usually a lot of overhead to write a module just for that Write the code in my contact.php template This aproach is fast but feels really dirty. It does not help to separate the logic from the design which I fear in a long term could lead to some Wordpressish code structure Now since I don't have so much experience with ProcessWire there might be a chance I missed something, but then it's probably not documented obvious enough. So I thought how you improve on this problem and came to a solution, that's again really close to the syntax that jQuery provides. If we had some kind of routing system we could register those actions in any file, for example the templates _func.php <?php // execute this action when a post request is sent to /contact // the parameters given to the callback function probably should be different wire('request')->on('post', '/contact', function($request, $input) { // do an action } // do the action for any post request wire('request')->on('post', function($request, $input) { // do an action } // do the action for get requests on contact pages wire('request')->on('get', 'template=contact', function($request, $input) { // do an action } // do the action on ajax-GET requests wire('request')->on('get.ajax', '/contact', function($request, $input) { // do an action } Is that something that could improve the work with ProcessWire? What's your honest opinion about it? If that's a useful suggestion I would like to help with the implementation. Regards Alex
  3. I just wanted to vote for making Template class’ filenameExists method hookable. Would become handy as soon as you don’t want to work with native template files the usual way without all pages being marked as not viewable. BTW: As the hook method viewable provided by PagePermissions is the main problem here, it would be good to know if it were possible to override existing hooks of other modules somehow. Just a thought.
  4. As our studio is getting close to finishing another project, we are facing the challenge to provide our client with easily understandable materials or kind of a manual on how to manage content in PW. As I guess that this happens from time to time to you guys around here, too, I wonder if it would make sense to collaborately work on a kind of manual document explaining key actions to be done for an editor. So there could be an open document or wiki providing texts in different languages and supportive images we all could use to e.g. turn it into a nice PDF or printed handbook (yes, some clients still like paging through paper) where we just have to replace images. I don't think this work has to be done over and over again by each one of us for his own purpose. And I'm sure, all our clients would benefit from something like this. Also it would be a nice plus for everyone thinking about using PW the first time for a client project.
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