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Two Questions


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Hi there,

  1. I was wondering if PW is mobile friendly or do I need to add some css? If so, where to find and how to implement?
  2. I am thinking of making an index for products (like the demo Skyscrapers) but each product is linking to an external cart program since I did not see that possibility in PW.



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Hi, welcome to the forums!

  1. ProcessWire is very mobile friendly. I can only speak about the Default theme, which works flawlessly on a phone. I’m sure the other stock themes work similarly well or even better. However, it’s your responsibility to make the actual public site you build with ProcessWire mobile friendly yourself. ProcessWire won’t get in the way of doing that, because it doesn’t come with any assumptions about your frontend.
  2. I’m not sure I fully understand your question here. There is nothing wrong with setting up links to a separate shop system and ProcessWire will definitely work well for you there, but if you’re planning on building your own web shop, check out Padloper 2:
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