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PAGEGRID 2.0 – Style panel


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With the style panel, you can customise the look of your website without writing CSS code. If you prefer to work with code, that's fine too. Just deactivate the panel and load your CSS as you are used to. PAGEGRID will stay out of your way. You can also combine the approaches or bring your favorite CSS framework. 

The style panel is a tool for developers, designers or "advanced users", not necessarily for your client (you can give them access, but I wouldn't recommend it 😈). The great thing about using the style panel (and PAGEGRID) is that you don't need a build tool or deticated development environment. If you use the block modules, a simple database backup can be enough to restore all changes. Since the templates and fields are all created by the modules, migrations are no longer an issue. This can be a quick and easy way to create a custom website.

Which CSS frameworks are supported by PAGEGRID?
The style panel generates modern vanilla CSS. The block modules use vanilla CSS and vanilla JS. With your own custom blocks you can easily add a framework if you want. If there are enough requests in the PW community for a certain framework, I might build some blocks for it. 🤞

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