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  1. What a great addition to PW. Thanks @Robin S
  2. @Juergen Circling back to this module. Thanks again! Does it provide a forgot username/password feature?
  3. Just watched the video. I __must__ explore this module soon. Just need to carve out the time. But 2.0 looks amazing!
  4. Doesn’t PW’s image size create and save the various image sizes on the first load of the page? If so, then on smaller sites this module wouldn’t be of big benefit, am I correct?
  5. This is gold. Thank you 🙏🏼
  6. I love HTMX. I’ve never used it within ProcessWire so this makes me happy! I hope we get more posts for HTMX on this forum. Thank you!
  7. @jensweigel How do you set certain “pages” to white background whereas others are gray?
  8. Greatness runs in the family. Congrats to your daughter.
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