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Foundation 6 Minimal site profile


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Foundation 6 Minimal site profile for ProcessWire

This profile is based on the "minimal site profile (intermediate edition)" and bundled with Foundation 6.

This precompiled version can be downloaded at github.



  • Foundation 6 framework
  • Font-Awesome
  • MeanMenu
  • Slick Carousel (Why not Orbit ?)
  • Render / helper functions for :
    • Simple ul navigation
    • Foundation Multi-level topbar
    • MeanMenu - Responsive menu for mobile device
    • Slick Carousel
    • Foundation Accordion
    • Foundation Callouts
    • Jumbotron



  • jQuery


How To Install

  1. Download the zip file at Github or clone directly the repo with git clone and skip the step 2.
  2. Extract the folder site-fdn6-precompiled into a fresh ProcessWire installation root folder.
  3. During the installation of ProcessWire, choose the profile "ProcessWire Foundation 6 profile".





  • The ProcessWire staff




mobile-1.PNG                                          mobie-2.PNG

Edited by flydev
typo and precompiled version download link modified
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Hi at flydev => you did it again and this time with the foundation grid :)

Thanks for doing this and also making a pre-compiled profile. I am happy to see it is also compatible with processwire 2.7.2. I have uploaded it to a test server online here: http://www.dev8.pe.hu I think I like the friendly foundation grid more than the intimidating bootstrap but that may be just personal expierence. Looking inside the templates folder, home.php, basic-page.php, _main.php, etc. I see you have a deeper understanding of pw api than I do and am happy to learn from there e.g. filling, preparing and render $content. I also saw you did a great job with customizing the backend:


Since the issue for me in this is building processwire website templates, I add here franciccio's post where he mentioned a good source of free html5/css templates: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/13589-free-css-templates-css-layouts/ and here are also eight responsive foundation templates:  http://foundation.zurb.com/templates.htm although you have to subscribe to foundation for downloading (I am not affiliated with them in any way). There are probably more free foundation templates to find on the web such as this really nice one: http://pixelhint.com/volcano-html5-responsive-zurb-foundation-template/ (foundation 5 is still available)

Edit: make your own foundation template:





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In "Download the zip file at Github or clone directly the repo with git clone and skip the step 2." the link points to your Bootstrap profile. You might want to fix this.

Thanks for this profile anyway, I'm gonna take a look at it in the following days.


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@flydev It's me again :)

I've installed the profile, and thank's to @adrian's Tracy Debugger module, I did spot these:


These are easy to fix issues, so you might want to update the published version on github.

BTW, thanks @pwired for the online demo! This way I could easily demostrate validator.nu's result.

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@flydev most grateful for this ZF6/PW profile. I found your examples in _func.php to be tremendously helpful and enlightening.  Thanks too for your introduction to the slick.js carousle/slider. I use the scss version of Foundation and was delighted to find the slick.js scss files in its distro. I chose to slug it out with the ZF6 top nav using @soma's MarkupSimpleNavigation rather than meanmenu.js but glad to learn about that too.

Edited by joebaich
completing what I set out to say.
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thx for this nice and clean F6-profile.   Sorry for this attachement, I thought there was a problem to remove the images, but it's working fine.


Screen Shot 08-13-16 at 12.35 PM.PNG

Edited by hansv
problem mentioned was not a problem
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